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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Holly Pregnant With Tate’s Baby, New Teen Drama Begins

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Holly Pregnant With Tate’s Baby, New Teen Drama Begins

Days of Our Lives spoilers - Holly-Tate

There is nothing sweeter than the taste of the forbidden fruit! That’s something that Holly and Tate are hellbent on proving, per Days of Our Lives spoilers. Tate’s parents are especially resolute on keeping him away from Holly. But the two are enjoying their clandestine romance in full swing. But could this affair end up in a teen pregnancy story?

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Bun In The Oven For Holly and Tate?

No matter how hard Brady and Theresa tried to forbid Tate from seeing Holly, he just wouldn’t listen. If anything, he and Holly are even more inclined on having a relationship than ever before. Days of Our Lives spoilers say that Holly recently admitted that she isn’t quite in love with him yet.

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Days of Our Lives Spoilers - Holly -Tate
DOOL/ Holly and Tate continue to see each other

However, that could change rapidly, considering that she does care deeply for him. Moreover, with the time they are spending together, real feelings for Tate could catch up with her sooner than later. If that happens, we have to consider what their next step in their relationship will be.

Days of Our Lives spoilers confirm that their bond and interest in each other will only grow stronger in the coming episodes. Thus, it is inevitable that at some point Holly and Tate would start to feel a physical attraction and urges for each other. Eventually leading them to hit the sack for the first time ever.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers- Tate- Holly
DOOL/ Will Holly and Tate get intimate soon?

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Considering that DOOL just loves its shock stories, there is a possibility that they may want to write in a teen pregnancy angle in the story. There hasn’t been one in such a long time in Salem! In fact, it would be quite interesting to watch how Holly and Tate navigate through it, and the impact it has on their families!

What do you say? Is this a trope you are looking forward to watching? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to Soap Opera Daily for more Days of Our Lives spoilers and updates.

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