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Days of Our Lives Friday, May 10 Recap: Chanel Kicks Paulina Out on Mother’s Day – Nicole’s Prom Ban Enrages Holly

Days of Our Lives Friday, May 10 Recap: Chanel Kicks Paulina Out on Mother’s Day – Nicole’s Prom Ban Enrages Holly

Days of Our Lives Friday, May 10 Recap- Chanel Kicks Paulina Out on Mother’s Day, Nicole’s Prom Ban Enrages Holly

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers recap for Friday, May 10, reveals that Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) took Thomas DiMera (Cary Christopher) to the cemetery, where they visited Abigail DiMera’s (last played by Marci Miller) grave and talked about how she was still in their hearts.


In the town square, Paulina Price (Jackée Harry) hinted to Julie Williams (Susan Seaforth Hayes) that she wasn’t feeling like a good mom this Mother’s Day, but Julie thought she was being too hard on herself.

At the DiMera mansion, Chanel DiMera (Raven Bowens) told Johnny DiMera (Carson Boatman) that she was going to cancel her plans to meet up with Paulina for a Mother’s Day meal.

Chanel was angry about the radiation exposure and the potential problems that could cause for the baby, so she wound up calling Paulina and bowing out under the guise of feeling queasy.


Paulina told Julie about Chanel canceling and acted like her daughter must have a spring cold.

Soon after, Paulina barged in the DiMera manse with supplies to help Chanel deal with her pregnancy symptoms, but Johnny said Chanel needed to rest.

Although Johnny politely suggested they could all hang out another time, Chanel eventually admitted she didn’t want Paulina there.

After Chanel ranted about Paulina’s reckless choices and the consequences they caused, Paulina got out of there in a hurry.

Chanel felt bad in the aftermath since she broke Paulina’s heart on Mother’s Day, but Johnny thought she was just being honest and reassured her.

Once Chanel opened up about the possible birth defects, she worried about the toll it’d take on their marriage if their child had issues and potentially needed lifelong care.

Johnny assured Chanel that although children changed the dynamic of any relationship, it wouldn’t affect their love for each other.

Chanel also wanted Johnny to be honest about his feelings regarding this pregnancy, so he told Chanel it was her body and that he’d support any decision she made.

That said, this baby was created through their love – and that mattered to Johnny.

It mattered to Chanel too, so she shared some warm moments with Johnny despite all the pregnancy drama.

Outside the DiMera mansion on Friday’s Days episode, EJ DiMera (Dan Feuerriegel) grumbled to Dr. Wilhelm Rolf (Richard Wharton) over the phone since the DNA results weren’t ready yet.

EJ pushed Dr. Rolf to call him back the second he had them.

Sloan Petersen-Brady (Jessica Serfaty) called EJ next to insist the DNA results were going to back her up since Jude Brady really was Nicole DiMera (Arianne Zucker) and Eric Brady’s (Greg Vaughan) biological child.

Sloan thought EJ should be thinking about what came next and wondered if he really wanted to test the strength of his relationship by confessing to Nicole, who might reunite with Eric over their son.

Once Sloan returned home on Friday’s Days episode, Eric surprised her by appearing shirtless in an apron and whipping out a tray of brunch goodies.

Sloan also got a Mother’s Day gift, which was a topaz necklace since it was Jude Brady’s birthstone.

After Sloan told Eric that she loved it, they wound up taking Jude out for a stroll.

At the pub, Thomas gave Julie a homemade Mother’s Day present before dashing off to the kitchen since Roman Brady (Josh Taylor) said he could go back there.

Chad expressed his gratitude to Julie since she’d been such a nurturing, motherly presence for his family.

At The Bistro on Friday’s DOOL show, Tate Black (Leo Howard) treated Theresa Donovan (Emily O’Brien) to a Mother’s Day brunch, but she got suspicious when Holly Jonas (Ashley Puzemis) walked in with Nicole and EJ.

After Tate insisted he didn’t plan this, Holly also worked to convince Nicole she had no idea that Tate would be there.

While Holly made a sweet toast to Nicole, Theresa quizzed Tate about his upcoming prom date with Sophia Choi (Madelyn Kientz) and expressed how happy she was that he was moving on.

However, Holly’s prom mention didn’t go over well with Nicole, who made it clear that she wasn’t going with Aaron Greene (Louis Tomeo) or anyone else.

Holly almost didn’t survive the last time she had a late-night event, so Nicole said prom wasn’t happening for Holly this year.

Holly flew off the handle and caused a huge scene, which left the other customers – including Tate – staring at her.

Once Holly snapped that she hated Nicole, she ran out of the restaurant with Nicole chasing after her.

In the town square again, Eric and Sloan witnessed Holly ripping into Nicole, who got to live in a cushy mansion despite a lifetime of mistakes.

Holly thought it was unfair that she was still being punished for what happened on New Year’s Eve.

Eric took Holly aside to get her to cool off while Sloan spoke to Nicole next. After Nicole explained why she was forcing Holly to skip the prom, Jude woke up in his stroller.

Nicole tried to speak to Sloan mother-to-mother about doing anything to prevent losing a child, but Sloan got her to rock Jude as a distraction from that topic.

Nearby on Friday’s Days episode, EJ received another call from Dr. Rolf, who offered updates on Jude being Eric and Nicole’s biological child based on the DNA results.

As EJ watched Nicole holding Jude, he muttered about being sorrier than Dr. Rolf knew about that news.

Days of Our Lives spoilers say EJ’s silence about Jude’s paternity will lead to more trouble, so we’ll bring you predictions on all the mayhem.

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