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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Leo Leaks A New Scandal, Holly and Tate Exposed!

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Leo Leaks A New Scandal, Holly and Tate Exposed!

Days of our lives spoilers Holly Tate Leo

Banning your teens from not doing something is a sure-shot way of pushing them to want to do it even more. Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that that’s exactly what’s happening in Salem. Theresa -Brady, and Nicole-EJ, practically banned their respective children from seeing each other. But Alas! forbidden fruits are so much sweeter!

Thus, Holly and Tate have actually kicked off a full-blown romance, confirm Days of Our Lives Spoilers. Kissing in the school locker room and all the shenanigans! However, it seems that their secret affair is not going to remain under wraps for too long. After all, their dalliance has fallen under the scanning eyes of Salem’s resident whistleblow, a.k.a. Leo Stark!

Days of our lives spoilers Holly Tate
DOOL/ Holly and Tate share a kiss

Leo loves a good scandal! And if there is anything that he loves more than that, then it is him being the torchbearer of spreading the scandal! The success of his Lady Whistleblower column in The Spectator goes on to prove that, point Days of Our Lives Spoilers. In the upcoming episodes, Leo catches Holly and Tate having a little make-out sess!

Chances are, he might even eavesdrop on them talking about how difficult it is to keep their passionate romance undercover at all times. If that happens, Leo might instantly smell the story in it! But also, being a hardcore romantic, he may not want to destroy Holly and Tate’s love story.

Days of Our Lives spoilers - Leo
DOOL/ Will Leo expose Holly and Tate?

Days of Our Lives Spoilers hint that the Salem troublemaker may settle on a mid-path! That is, publish the gossip piece sans the names. However, unfortunately, all the details in the article might make it obvious to the parents that the story is indeed about their children! If that happens, what would be the consequences?


Will Theresa-Brady and Nicole-EJ take some drastic steps to tear apart Holly and Tate? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to Soap Opera Daily for more Days of Our Lives Spoilers.

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