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Days of Our Lives Preview: At the Sham Wedding, One Person is Shot, Another Taken Hostage — and Konstantin Has One More Secret to Reveal

Maggie's wedding Days

Last week with Lucas’ help, Harris and Chad caught up with Clyde. Finally able to avenge Abigail, Chad was tempted to blow Clyde’s hide away, when Clyde claimed that Abigail was alive! Chad allowed Harris to take Clyde into custody.

Julie and Chad Days


Coming up, determined to get his sister out of the slammer, Rafe asks Clyde, “What do you know about Li Shin’s murder?” Meanwhile, at the newly restored Horton House, Chad tells Julie that Clyde claims Abigail is alive. Julie wonders if it is true, and if she could still be alive. If so, where has she been?

As the sham wedding between Maggie and Konstantin kicked off, the plan to expose him somewhat worked but took an unexpected twist. Konstantin, realizing the jig was up,  tried to pawn John again, but he held his gun on Konstantin instead! As Maggie railed at him, he dropped a truth bomb… He sabotaged Victor’s plane and killed him!


Konstantin takes Theresa hostage Days

Coming up, we see what seems to be a flashback of Konstantin urging Victor to draft a new will… At the interrupted wedding, Alex exclaims, “You murdered my father!” Thinking quickly, Konstantin takes Theresa hostage as gunfire is exchanged, and Steve is hit! Maggie seems to drop too, but perhaps that’s a red herring and it’s a reaction to Konstantin’s reveal.

Xander holds gun on Konstantin DAYS

Konstantin tries to make a run for it. Xander confronts Konstantin, who still has Theresa in the park, and says, “You’re dealing with me now!” As he holds a gun on him. Konstantin holds his to Theresa. Xander tells him “Talk” Konstantin laughs, as Alex is also there, and says to the “heir,” “Victor is not your father!”

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