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Wait, Did We Miss It? Days of Our Lives Builds Up a Major Plot… and Completely Drops It Overnight

Days mashup, Nicole, Theresa, Tate and Holly together and Brady

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Something interesting started happening on Days of Our Lives the last couple months. After SORASing two of its legacy characters — Holly and Tate — and resolving their drug drama, the show proceeded to introduce friends for each of them in Sophie and Aaron and even gave Tate’s pal a sister in Felicity.


Then Days of Our Lives made Holly, Tate, Sophia and Aaron all hot for each other but (with the exception of Tate and Holly) not into the person who was into them. It introduced a prom with secret dates, had Nicole forbid Holly from going, Theresa and Brady swear to keep Tate from the girl he wanted, gave us a high school set and then… nothing.

In the school hallway, Holly uneasily faces her locker. Behind her, Tate reaches out with a concerned expression

We were expecting a big dance (well, big by current budget standards), maybe Theresa and Brady chaperoning, Tate and Holly sneaking around, getting caught, everything blowing up, but instead, it was all just dropped. “Oh, well, they’ve had other things to deal with first, but it could still be on its way,” you might be saying. Don’t bet on it.


Because while they never quite discussed when prom was, they did show us. Liz pointed that out on Twitter/X with a screengrab of the Salem High Junior and Senior Prom poster declaring that it would happen on June 5. That was this past Wednesday!

Though if we’re being honest, having prom in the middle of the week seems a bit odd…


Now, we all know that time doesn’t pass the same in Salem as it does in the real world (how long did Mother’s Day last again?) but even giving Days of Our Lives the benefit of the doubt, it seems like prom may have come and gone. There’s no mention of it or any of the teens at all in teasers for the coming week, and pushing it back any further than that would be kind of bizarre. So yes, this may have been one of the first casualties of the Writers’ Strike ending.

Hopefully, though, it isn’t the end of the teens. It’s been a while since Days of Our Lives has had enough for their own storylines and even longer since we’ve gotten to see them interact in school! Prom may have gotten buried under the returning writing regime, but that doesn’t mean the teen scene has to be.

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Once upon a time the show was not just killing it with big teen events like the Last Blast Dance, they were setting up characters and couples that would pay off for decades to come. If prom was canceled, let’s hope it was to give us something even bigger and better down the line.

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