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As General Hospital Heads to Pine Valley, Did The Show Just Kill Off a Fan Favorite?

Even though we were only pre-empted on July Fourth, it definitely felt like a holiday week on General Hospital with the storyline pacing. Gladys is sinking to a new low, Drew headed to prison, and Nina got invited into Willow’s bubble. Martin’s storyline really grabbed my attention, and the show ended the holiday week with a fantastic cliffhanger.

A Lawsuit and a Road Trip

Last week I suspected that Martin might have “borrowed” The Deceptor idea from his ex-wife. This week Tracy brought in Diane to charge Deception with intellectual property theft, while Felicia discovered a bank in Pine Valley is paying Martin a hefty $50,000 a month. It’s looking like Martin may have done more than borrow the idea. Who is paying him and why? What is his real involvement in the original Deceptor? I’ve come to really like Martin, so I hope this isn’t going to end up with him, I don’t know, bunking with his brother in Pentonville.


What game is Tracy playing with Martin?

I will admit, I never watched All My Children, but anyone who is a soap watcher knows of the iconic Erica Kane! And we know her on-again-off-again husband Jackson Montgomery is due to show up next week as Felicia and Lucy take a road trip to Pine Valley. As I said I wasn’t an AMC watcher, but even I’m excited about this, so I can imagine fans of the show are downright giddy. Hopefully, Walt Willey aka Jackson isn’t the only familiar face that will make an appearance. Plus, I’m loving that the show is making more use of Felicia, and her conversation with James about how her job as a P.I. is similar to his Scooby Doo cartoon was hilarious! There was a missed opportunity there to mention masks! And poor James was so excited to be digging through garbage, only to be forced to play a ‘boring no fun game,’ as he put it, trying to piece together Martin’s shredded bank statements.

Tracy meanwhile is being her old cutthroat self, and I’m liking it. However, who is she going to these lengths to help and why? She doesn’t exactly have friends other than Finn, and she doesn’t do much of anything unless it’s for family, or benefits her. Then there is the fact that she asked Martin to fill in as temporary CEO at ELQ. Maybe she has no clue he’s involved with The Deceptor theft? But then again, that begs the question of who she’s working with. This isn’t your usual soap opera mystery, but it’s a mystery I’m really finding myself oddly into. That’s probably because it doesn’t involve murder, a baby switch, or the SEC.

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However, the weakest part of this storyline for me is Tracy continuing to blackmail Brook Lynn, who just needs to come clean with Chase and take her chances he’ll be understanding. Because now she’s digging a bigger hole for herself beyond just Chase. She’s now screwing over her friends Maxie and Sasha.

The Davis Girls’ Big Night Out

A number of viewers wondered what kind of nail salon Port Charles has where you basically, what, book an appointment to do your own nails? That aside, the show continued to dance around the storyline everyone has called out from the beginning, that Kristina is going to be Molly and TJ’s surrogate with a lot of redundant conversations about TJ and Molly’s fertility issues this week. Finally by Friday Kristina announced, “I can’t believe I didn’t think of it earlier, I’ll be Molly and TJ’s surrogate!” Yes, Kristina, none of us can believe it took you this long to think of what we already knew would happen. On the brighter side, they aren’t dragging this out any longer than they have been. The best part of the Davis girls’ night out was seeing Kristina and Alexis’ relationship getting back to a more positive place as Alexis was proud of Kristina’s work on the shelter.

Does anyone know where the staff is?

The Heat is Fizzling

The show is clearly determined to put Finn and Liz back together, with the help of Violet. And while I’m still not feeling much other than friendship between the two, I have finally come around to Dante and Sam as a couple. So who knows? It could happen! I didn’t dislike them at first, but their story with Liz’s parents and Reiko is what put me off of them. Now though the biggest issue for Finn and Liz, aside from you know, taking the advice they should just talk to one another about what they want, is letting Violet down. And when Tracy brought up the mention of Violet already having lost her mother, it made me really wonder why Hayden is still staying away. Nikolas is out of the picture, and Valentin is a far cry from the man he once was. So what is keeping her away? Part of me is hoping this attempt to reunite Liz and Finn IS about bringing Hayden back to throw a wrench into everything, including Violet being their biggest cheerleader.


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Dinners and Drinks Gone Terribly Wrong

There wasn’t much mention of the Fourth of July, aside from the Metro Court pool being decorated with American flags. But we still have Monday, and next week is the big Quartermaine fundraising barbeque… and it better not be a fundraiser for Carly! I was glad to see Carly realize she could sell her home to pay her fines, but apparently, Diane has other ideas we have yet to hear.

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Back to the Metro Court and the pool, Friday set up a classic whodunnit and who-got-shot cliffhanger, with various friends and families gathering to meet, talk and celebrate. There was clearly a heavy emphasis on the shooter being out for either Anna the “traitor” or Sonny, who already has had an attempt on his life due to his involvement with the Pikeman Group. But the most obvious targets usually aren’t who gets hit. With Portia, Curtis, Jordan and Zeke also there, Curtis taking the bullet could stir up a lot of feelings and drama for Portia, Jordan, and eventually Trina. If they actually plan on killing someone off, Zeke would be the likeliest candidate because we aren’t invested in him, though I imagine a number of viewers are willing to sacrifice Portia or Curtis at this point given how insufferable and preachy they’ve become.

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And while there was drama at the pool, there was also drama inside the Metro Court. Tracy hilariously crashed Finn and Chase’s family get-together and I must say, made it far more entertaining than it would have been without her. I’m adoring Violet’s newfound relationship with her “Aunt Tracy” as Finn suggested she call her, and it was so cute when she asked Tracy for permission to give her a hug. Tracy even managed to be civil to Gregory, but that might have been due to the stiff drinks she decided to order. And when Chase suggested to Brook Lynn that Tracy might be lonely, it all but solidified the show is somehow going to pair Tracy and Gregory. Many fans called that out from their first fiery encounter. I could only see this ending, given his medical diagnosis, with the two riding off in the sunset so he can die happy and somewhere far, far away from Port Charles.

A Shirley Temple? Oh kid, you kill me!

Daddy Mac

I’m glad to see the show is finally getting back to the fact that Cody is Mac’s son. With the thievery charges against him dropped though, Cody is still going along with Scott’s idea to sue the WSB for the loss of Leopold’s necklace. Oh, Cody, you were beginning to make progress towards not being an opportunistic butthead! You lost Britt over this necklace, have you not stopped to think what you could lose next over it? Say an actual father who wants to be your father? And while the show has at least returned to this plot point, they have all but thrown whatever criminal thing happened between Cody and Dante as kids by the wayside for now.

Other Stray Thoughts

Just when I thought Gladys couldn’t sink any lower, she’s what, conspiring with Sasha’s doctor to get her hooked back on drugs? Trigger another breakdown? It still baffles me that Sasha has not checked her bank accounts to see major withdrawals being made. I’m looking forward to Sonny finding out what Gladys did more than Sasha learning the truth… because Sonny won’t be as forgiving!

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So Nina has been invited into Willow’s bubble of safety and friends. And while yes it is a term used medically, it’s also a double entendre given it’s only a matter of time before Nina’s bubble bursts and the truth comes out about her. I’m willing to bet that will be at the wedding in November and will have given Nina and Willow time to forge an actual relationship.

So Drew reported to Pentonville and met Brother Cyrus, who tried to recruit him for his bible study group. Then he gave him a bible, encouraged him to read it, and inside was a shiv. Maybe Cyrus hasn’t exactly found God after all?

As always, these are only my thoughts, with some fan comments sprinkled in. Leave yours in the comment section below!

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