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General Hospital: Esme Reaches Out To Heather, Mother-Daughter Reunite For A New Reign Of Terror

The latest General Hospital spoilers are teasing that Heather Webber’s return is on the cards soon! The phenomenal Ally Mills has confirmed that she has already begun taping for her return stint on the ABC soap! This comes in as a really exciting piece of news as Port Charles is running very very thin on villains right now! Moreover, Heather’s return to the fold will also facilitate a much needed twist in Esme’s ongoing story! Keep reading TV Season & Spoilers to find out what’s in store for this dangerous mother and daughter duo!

Esme Decides To Uncover Her Past, Reaches Out To Heather

Esme Price has been walking around in an amnesiac state for a long while now on General Hospital. While initially, many fans seemed convinced that Esme was only pretending to have lost her memory, but eventually many accepted it as Esme’s new reality. However, there is still a large section of the GH fanbase who is waiting for the other shoe to drop! And for all we know, it might just be on the verge of dropping! In a recent episode, Joss had a heated confrontation with Esme, where she called her out on her past actions. But Esme tried to defend herself claiming that she is “not the old Esme.”

GH/ Esme makes a dangerous decision

The latest General Hospital spoilers tease that this heated conversation will lead Esme to wnat to know everything that she had done in her past. At this point, she feels tired of being accused of the things that she does’t even remember! Thus, Esme will reach out to her mother, Heather Webber, hoping she would help her fill in the blanks. However, Heather may end up doing more than just that! We know Heather never comes alone. She always comes with agendas and vendettas! Moreover, this time when she gets summoned, she will have a lethal weapon! An unsuspecting Esme!


Heather Triggers Esme’s Memories, Evil Rises On General Hospital

The things is, right now, only Joss seems to be the one who has an eye out on Esme. Everybody else on General Hospital seems to have accepted that amnesiac Esme is harmless! However, under her mother’s influence she might turn out to be a far greater danger than anyone can fathom at the moment! Moreover so, because no one will be expecting her to strike! Hence, if Heather returns and manages to trigger Esme’s memories, she may even manipulate her into turning her evil on and turning it up to full blast!

General Hospital
GH/ Will Heather help Esme get her memory back?

If that happens, we have a feeling that the first to scorch in the flames would be, Joss! So she better keep her vigil on! Next target on General Hospital would certainly be, Spencer and Trina! Aah, old habits die hard! Esme has done it before, and she will do it again! However, this tie she will do it for a far bigger prize! Ace! There has been a lot of buzz on social media, that Esme has her eyes on Spencer and she has every intention of stealing him from Trina! Well, if Esme gets her memory back, we can totally see her embarking on that quest! What do you think? Will Esme succeed in her evil intentions if mommy dearest comes back? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for General Hospital spoilers

and see what happens next!


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