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General Hospital Spoilers: Sonny Loses His CALM

General Hospital spoilers for July 25, 2023, reveal romance and confessions. In this episode, Curtis will seem excited, looking at his phone, and will hope that he can walk again. Also, Ava Jerome will confess to Sonny at Wyndemere. While things are heating up at Wyndemere, romance will flourish at the Metro Court pool and Port Charles grill. Keep reading TV Season & Spoilers to learn about the thrilling ride in this episode.

General Hospital: Portia Will Bring Curtis To Reality

Curtis finds a ray of hope. While all the doctors at GH have clarified that Curtis could never walk again, it looks like he will find something that will make him feel a little relieved. General Hospital spoilers tease that in the upcoming episode, Curtis Ashford will look at his phone and seem excited. Probably, he will research about treatments and find out that there is one that can make him walk again. Further, spoilers say that he will reach out to Portia regarding the same and tell him very excitedly. But Portia, since she knows nothing will really help, she will try her very best to get Curtis to see the reality.

General Hospital
GH/ Curtis Ashford will face a reality check

After Curtis hears everything that Portia has to say, he will start realizing that what Portia is saying could also happen. Hence, Curtis will think Portia will be happy if they part ways for good. On July 25, 2023 episode, Curtis will insist her to move on and not spend her life helping him. Poor Portia, Curtis’ decision might she everything inside of her and the little hope she has for their marriage to sustain. Anyhow, on General Hospital, do you think Curtis and Portia’s marriage will break?


Ava Jerome Makes A Confession To Sonny Corinthos

Next on General Hospital, Sonny Corinthos will deal with Ava and Avery’s drama at Wyndemere. Just then, Dex Heller will reach out to him with an emergency. He will inform Sonny that they found Gordon Steven’s dead body. While Sonny will be busy, it is likely that he will make some time and tend to Dex’s new situation. In the meantime, Dante will investigate the crime scene and wonder if Sonny knows Gordon, but in reality, he’s connected to Austin and Mason. While Sonny is dealing with that situation, General Hospital Spoilers say Betty Rutherford will take this moment as an advantage to threaten Ava Jerome and warn her that her mother will fall victim if she doesn’t listen to them.

Ava Jerome will feel pressured by the whole situation and when Sonny turns his attention to her, she decide that she can’t keep any secrets to herself anymore. Hence, General Hospital spoilers say she will spill the beans after Sonny asks her. Ava will confess that she hit Nikolas Cassadine on the head with a gargoyle statue, and Austin helped her hide his body. She will reveal that she hit him only after Nik threatened her to kidnap Avery. After all, what else can a loving mother do!?

GH/ Ava tells the truth

Austin and Ava managed to stash Nik’s body, but on July 25, 2023 episode, Ava will reveal to Sonny that the body had disappeared. In fact, soon after the body vanished, Mason started to blackmail them, using it to his advantage. Listening to all of this, Sonny will fume in rage. He will be furious with Ava for not telling all this to him before. He will insist that he could’ve helped her sooner, only if Ava said about the mess earlier. However, it’s never too late to act. So, Sonny will decide not to let go of this right now and vow to Ava to take care of the mess. Curious, Ava will ask Sonny about his plan of action, but Sonny will feel she must trust him. General Hospital spoilers tease that Sonny will definitely do something to clean up this situation.

General Hospital Spoilers: Romance Will Bloom!

Finally, there will be love in the air on General Hospital in the July 25, 2023, episode. General Hospital spoilers suggest that Hamilton Finn and Elizabeth Baldwin will go on a romantic date. Violet’s wish will finally come true! Even the new couple will be happy that they love each other and are on the same page. Do you think Finn and Liz will rise as the new everlasting couple in Port Charles?

GH/ Lizz and Finn

Moreover, Finn and Liz won’t be the only couple enjoying the romantic bliss. Brook Lynn and Harrison Chase will spend some time with each other. GH spoilers say that Brook will dare Chase to break the rules at the Metro Court pool. She may ask him to go skinny-dipping, so they will have a good time together. Would they get caught? We will have to wait to know. You can watch the full episodes of General Hospital on ABC from Monday to Friday. In the meantime, Stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more GH updates.

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