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General Hospital Spoilers: Nina Expresses Distress To Sonny

A Sneak Peek into the Drama Unfolding at General Hospital reveals Secrets, Surprises, and Struggles unfolding. In the August 16, 2023, episode of GH, Trina will feel happy because she will be able to come a little closer to Curtis but she will also have to deal with other situations, like the one situation called- Spencer.

Next, Nina will corner Ava and ask her some questions while Willow is in for some good news. Further, General Hospital spoilers say, there will be some more Sasha-related scenes. What happens to the poor girl now? Keep reading to find out.

Trina Deals With Situations

In Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital, Trina’s feeling happy because Curtis, who usually keeps his distance, has been talking to her. But, there’s a tricky part. Curtis isn’t being friendly with her mom. These past few months have been a lot for Trina. She hasn’t had much time with Spencer due to all the busy stuff happening around her.


Guess what? There’s a cool change coming on Wednesday. Finally, Trina and Spencer can sit down and talk openly. Trina trusts Spencer enough to share her true feelings with him. Yet, there’s a worry that their moment might get messed up. Trina wonders if Portia or Esme will show up and spoil their talk. Plus, Trina is kind of unsure if she should be totally honest about how she feels regarding Spencer’s new understanding with Esme.

GH/ Trina spends time with Spencer

But, let’s switch scenes for a bit. Trina’s mom, Portia Robinson, is at the hospital. She’s talking to Marshall Ashford. They’re discussing a problem that’s tied to Trina’s friend Curtis Ashford. It sounds like something important is going on there.

Now, here’s something interesting. Selina Wu is bugging Curtis while he’s trying to get better at a place called rehab on General Hospital. Selina wants to buy something called The Savoy from Curtis. But Curtis isn’t thrilled about that idea. He thinks Selina might be trying to take advantage of his not-so-great situation.

General Hospital
GH/ Selina corners Curtis

General Hospital: Nina Questions Ava, Michael Turns Detective

Next, General Hospital spoilers say Nina has a question for Ava. She wants to know about some plans that a guy named Sonny Corinthos has. But Nina feels a bit left out because she’s not getting all the details. It’s like she’s not part of the secret club. This makes her feel a bit down, and she has a hard time understanding why Sonny needs to keep things hidden.


Now, onto some brighter news. Willow Corinthos is getting good news about her getting better on General Hospital. It looks like she might be able to do more things and go outside her usual routine. Meanwhile, her partner, Michael Corinthos is being like a detective. He caught, Dex Heller, following Austin Gatlin-Holt. Michael is curious and wants to know why Dex is doing this. So, Dex needs to explain himself and tell Michael what’s going on.

GH/ Michael becomes the detective

Dr. Damon Montague Starts To Worry

Jumping to another scene, at Ferncliff, Dr. Damon Montague walks in while Sasha Gilmore is talking to Nurse Mandy. Dr. Montague is a bit suspicious about their talk. He’s worried that Sasha might say something that’s not so great about him. He tells Nurse Mandy that Sasha isn’t feeling well and that her words might not be true.

Cody Bell has some serious news for Sam McCall. He thinks Sasha is in trouble. He believes they need to do something big to help her. So, Sam starts looking into how Sasha is doing and what kind of help she needs. Here comes Gladys, who wants to stop Cody from seeing Sasha. She talks to a guy named Dante Falconeri at a place called PCPD.

General Hospital
GH/ Sasha is in sad position

She’s thinking of getting a special paper that says Cody can’t be near Sasha. This makes it harder for Cody to help Sasha, but he’s not giving up. He’s determined to find a way to help her, especially with Sam’s help by his side. Would he be able to though? We will have to wait to know. General Hospital airs on ABC all weekdays. Don’t miss the action. Also keep an eye on TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest GH news.


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