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General Hospital Spoilers: Cody Loses His Mind, Can’t Save Sasha?

Get ready for another intense episode of General Hospital on August 25, 2023. Emotions are set to boil over as Brook Lynn’s anger towards Tracy escalates. In the meantime, Finn wears a mysterious smile while addressing personal inquiries. Moreover, Cody’s determination to rescue Sasha sparks doubts, and Willow aims for a return to work. Amidst the turmoil, Kristina’s struggles come to light, and Nina grapples with Sonny’s concealed secrets. So brace yourself for a day filled with drama as relationships are tested and secrets unveiled in the captivating world of General Hospital.

Brook Lynn’s Fury at Tracy Unleashed

In the upcoming episode of General Hospital on August 25, things are about to get heated between Brook Lynn Quartermaine and Tracy Quartermaine. Brook Lynn will find herself seething with anger towards Tracy, believing that Tracy played a role in the lawsuit against Deception. The tension will rise as Brook Lynn battles the urge to confront Tracy. Tracy, however, will wear a victorious grin, expressing her love for winning but putting the company’s future at stake.

General Hospital
GH/ Brook loses her mind

General Hospital: Finn’s Smiles and Unspoken Questions

Hamilton Finn will wear a smile on his face as he delicately asks someone to avoid certain personal questions. This might be about his relationship status with Elizabeth Baldwin or possibly the situation concerning Gregory Chase’s health. If Finn’s conversation partner is Alexis Davis, they could delve into deeper topics. Given her understanding of Gregory’s challenges, Alexis could offer her unwavering support. In the latest GH preview, Alexis is seen attempting to unravel emotions and their implications, underscoring her commitment to helping.

GH/ Finn struggles

Cody’s Concerns and Sam’s Caution

At the Quartermaine stables, Cody Bell’s agitation will escalate, fearing for Sasha Gilmore’s safety. While Sam McCall empathizes with Cody’s desire to help Sasha, doubts linger about his approach. The situation could turn dire if Cody acts hastily. Cody’s plea for Sam’s assistance in getting committed prompts her to remind him of the potential consequences. The possibility of remaining confined, even after aiding Sasha’s escape, looms large. As Cody’s determination to protect Sasha stands unwavering, he must weigh the risks against his intentions.

GH/Cody asks for help

General Hospital: Willow’s Return and Kristina’s Struggles

Willow Corinthos will approach Liz, seeking a return to work as a nurse. Her eagerness to resume her duties is apparent. Meanwhile, Kristina Corinthos will share her pain with Willow, stemming from the Molly Lansing-Davis situation. Feeling excluded from the family, Kristina’s turmoil mirrors her past involvement with Dawn of Day, driven by a yearning for belonging. Drawing from her own past, Willow may offer guidance to Kristina, aiding her in reconciling her bond with Molly.

GH/ Willow makes a request

Nina’s Hidden Concerns and Sonny’s Secrets

Nina Reeves will express a desire to talk to Sonny Corinthos but will suggest that the matter can wait. Sonny, sensing something amiss, will press her to open up. Eventually, Nina admits her distress over Sonny’s concealed secrets with Ava Jerome, leading to emotional distance between them. Sonny’s explanation that these actions are for her safety might not quell Nina’s unease. She might reflect on how Carly Spencer once held a deeper place in Sonny’s confidence. As they engage in a challenging dialogue, Sonny and Nina strive to bridge their differences.

General Hospital
GH/ Nina opens up to Ava

As the drama unfolds on General Hospital, emotions run high, and relationships are put to the test. Will Brook Lynn and Tracy find common ground? Can Finn navigate the personal inquiries with finesse? What will be Cody’s next move to protect Sasha? And will Nina and Sonny overcome their communication hurdles? Tune in for the next episode to witness these gripping developments. Also, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest GH updates.


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