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Do Sonny and Nina Get Married on General Hospital? Clock Is Ticking!

General Hospital Wedding Preview: The Happiest Day of Nina’s Life… May Also Be Her Last One With Sonny

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What goes up… must come down. So while General Hospital has Nina riding higher than high as she marches toward her and Sonny’s wedding, you just know that she’s only being allowed this moment of happiness so that it will hurt more when the truth comes out and it’s yanked away. The bride is certainly aware that her “I dos” aren’t a fait accompli.


At first, everything is going swimmingly. Not only is Nina thrilled that Sonny’s daughters Kristina and Donna are joining them in Puerto Rico for the ceremony, so are… Willow, Michael and Wiley. “It’s an amazing moment,” Cynthia Watros tells Soap Opera Digest, “when Nina realizes she’s going to have her daughter with her.”


But at the same time, dark clouds are forming overhead. There “is sort of a low-grade whisper in her brain that all is not perfect, that something could happen,” the Emmy winner says.

Technically, Nina didn’t do anything wrong by ratting out Carly to the SEC. Carly broke the law, not Nina. But career criminal Sonny might not see it quite the same way, especially since Nina alerted the feds just because she was ticked at his ex-wife. Even if he could’ve understood at the time, now “she’s worried that he’s going to look at her again and go, ‘Why couldn’t you just tell me?’” Watros says. “‘Why does it have to be a secret?’”

Sonny helps Carly Drew GH

‘Do You, Really?’

As the hour draws ever nearer for the ceremony to start, it looks like Nina is going to manage to become Mrs. Sonny Corinthos. But Watros know what all of us who have ever watched a soap do: “Secrets have a way of coming out.”


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