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General Hospital Spoilers October 9 – 20

selina and sonny talk gh has the latest, new General Hospital spoilers for two weeks ahead from Monday, October 9, to Friday, October 20. A big decision is made, as is a confession — plus, Lois is back, Joss is blindsided, Austin is blackmailed, and Sonny confronts Selina!

General Hospital spoilers week of October 9:

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, October 9:

Chase hasn’t always had the easiest time when it comes to facing his emotions, but he’s about to open up. Meanwhile, Finn takes a strong stance with his dad.


Having had her fair share of not-so-great surprises of late, Nina will likely be happy with the one she receives today.

Cyrus may not have things as in hand as he thinks, based on the setback he’s about to suffer.

When Lucy makes a big decision, will it be with regards to her romantic or professional future?

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday October 10:


Felicia is all set to start her new position, and she’s in great hands with Stella.

Roll out the welcome mat and tell the local nail salons that the one and only Lois is back!

Fresh off her romantic journey, Trina takes time to catch up with her family. Meanwhile, Spencer is updated on his dad… you know, the one who isn’t as dead as previously thought?

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, October 11:

Josslyn is about to be caught completely off guard.


People are becoming increasingly concerned about the still-missing Ava. Meanwhile, Austin finds himself being blackmailed!

What’s got Willow feeling unsettled? Is she perhaps receiving more messages from her dead sorta-mom, Harmony?

Who is about to hire Scott to handle their legal woes?

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, October 12:

Selina stops by to see how Curtis is doing. Meanwhile, Portia has some news to share regarding her career.

When Joss and Dex need help, who they gonna call? No, silly, not Ghostbusters… Spinelli!

It’s Sonny and Nina’s wedding day… but will they actually end it hitched?

Michael is dealt a shocking blow.

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, October 13:

Given the sparks that we’ve seen fly between Kristina and Blaze, dare we hope that the surprise the musician springs on her favorite barkeep is one of the romantic nature?

Sasha reveals something previously undisclosed.

Having come a long way over the years, Carly finds herself opening up to Sam.

We tend to think of Michael as a squeaky-clean guy, but today he reminds us that he is not at all afraid to play dirty!

Maxie and Lucy consider naming a new Face of Deception. But do they have someone in particular in mind to replace Sasha?

General Hospital spoilers week of October 16:

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, October 16:

It’ll be interesting to see how well Brook Lynn’s newly-returned mom and Chase get along! Meanwhile, Eddie is on the receiving end of a pretty serious talking-to.

What’s pushing Josslyn into the panic zone?

His words may sound pretty, but make no mistake: Cyrus is issuing a warning.

We’re finally going to get a bit of info regarding Ava’s fate… and it ain’t good!

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday October 17:

Someone pop the corn, because we’re going to have front-row seats as Lois and Tracy get into it!

Austin has some important questions for Dex.

Blaze and Kristina are sure to get closer when the latter opens up a bit.

It’s been a long time in coming, and it won’t be easy, but Portia and Curtis are finally ready to deal with their issues.

Carly has an update for Sonny.

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, October 18:

When Finn makes a romantic proposition, will Elizabeth take him up on it?

Felicia offers Maxie the best advice she can.

Needing someone to confide in, Valentin opens up to Laura regarding everything that’s been going on.

Portia has it out with Jordan.

Gregory finds himself questioning a decision.

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, October 19:

Alexis feels more than a little bit disappointed.

Things get tense between Spencer and Esme when they have an argument.

Dante finds himself feeling frustrated.

How will Charlotte react when she’s presented with an unexpected surprise by her Papa?

After laying their cards on the table, will Robert and Diane wind up on the same page?

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, October 20:

It takes a lot to surprise Brook Lynn, but something — or someone — is about to catch her off guard.

Cody voices his gratitude.

Tracy is about to make sure it’s known that she’s the one who is in charge.

Portia and Cyrus come face-to-face.

Selina has usually attempted to show Sonny respect, or at least she’s done a darn good job of pretending. So what’s got the Teflon Don confronting her today?

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