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General Hospital Recap: Friday, November 3 – Anna Shoots Charlotte – Drew Reunites with Carly

General Hospital (GH) spoilers recap for Friday, November 3, reveals that Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) called Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers) to find out where he was. Anna had found something in her trunk that she wanted to discuss, so she grabbed her gun before locking up and leaving.

In Robert’s office, Anna said she suspected a WSB operative named Forsythe was out to get her. Anna witnessed an incident that should’ve ended Forsythe’s career, but he buried it.

Since Anna kept proof as an insurance policy, Robert expressed concern about Forsythe knowing she had it. Anna acted like she wasn’t scared now that she knew who was lurking in the shadows.


After Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) went over all the rules, he let Charlotte Cassadine (Scarlett Fernandez), Jake Webber (Hudson West), Danny Morgan (Asher Jared Antonyzyn) and Georgie Spinelli (Lily Fisher) head off for trick-or-treating.

Charlotte eventually snuck away from the group and put on a dark cloak, so she went back to her original idea of wearing The Hermit costume from the tarot cards.

Once Charlotte pulled the cloak over her head, Jake caught a glimpse of her while he was searching with Georgie and Danny.

After Jake pushed them to keep looking and texting Charlotte, he followed the cloak wearer while Danny and Georgie met back up with Valentin.


When Valentin realized Charlotte was missing and heard about Jake following the person in The Hermit costume, he wanted to know exactly what it looked like.

At Anna’s apartment, Charlotte let herself in using the stolen key and rummaged through Anna’s trunk. Once Charlotte’s flashlight stopped working, she started shaking it and tried to get it shining again.

Anna arrived home and realized there was someone inside her apartment, so she opened the door and drew her weapon.

When Anna shouted for the person to freeze, Charlotte turned around in a hurry and pointed the flashlight in Anna’s direction.

Since Anna could only see a hooded figure pointing what looked like a gun at her, she fired a shot that took Charlotte down to the floor.


At Molly Lansing-Davis’ (Kristen Vaganos) place, Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) showed up and answered the door while Molly was in the kitchen grabbing some food.

Alexis was surprised over Kristina Corinthos-Davis’ (Kate Mansi) arrival and even more surprised to learn Molly had invited her.

Kristina and Molly hugged before messing with Alexis a bit since she was so weirded out by them getting along.

However, Molly and Kristina insisted they took Alexis’ advice to heart, which led to them hammering out their issues and making peace.

Kristina offered up some pumpkin ice cream for Halloween and joked around with Molly about baby names, so Alexis was pleased to see the sisters on better terms.

At Kelly’s, Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) checked on Carly Spencer (Laura Wright), so they discussed Nina Corinthos (Cynthia Watros) along with the lack of news about Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison).

Later, someone lurked outside the window, so Carly sensed that somebody was there and reeled when she saw it was Drew.

Once Drew came inside, he confirmed that he’d suddenly been released from prison and took Carly in his arms for a steamy kiss.

Meanwhile, Laura Collins (Genie Francis) talked to Kevin Collins (Jon Lindstrom) about Charlotte’s first therapy session.

Kevin couldn’t get into the details, but he did admit that Charlotte wouldn’t open up to him. The only time Charlotte got real with Kevin involved when talked so protectively about Valentin.

Kevin felt that Charlotte was too dependent on her father, but Laura seemed more worried about Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy) pushing Charlotte to hate and hurt Anna.

At the Quartermaine gatehouse, Willow Corinthos (Katelyn MacMullen) had another nightmare involving Harmony Miller’s (Inga Cadranel) warning, but Harmony’s lips moved without confirming anything as usual.

Willow woke up startled on Friday’s GH episode and gave Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) updates on the dream, so she wondered if maybe someone in her life was indeed lying to her.

Michael thought back to threatening Nina over her SEC snitching and looked guilty for not telling Willow the truth.

Willow also considered the possibility that since she was having some positive experiences with Nina, this was her subconscious fearing that things would go wrong.

Michael was taken aback to learn that Willow actually wanted to go on that Montreal trip with Nina – the one Michael had secretly sabotaged since he assumed Willow would dread it!

Willow confessed that she was starting to see the potential for a real relationship with Nina and wondered if that bothered Michael.

After Michael assured Willow that he just wanted her to be happy along with the kids, he said he’d do whatever it took to keep them that way.

Michael gave Willow a kiss and refused to let anyone hurt her.

General Hospital spoilers say Willow and Michael have some issues ahead of them, so stay tuned.

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