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General Hospital Star Chad Duell’s ‘Dinner With the Godfather’ Leaves One Castmate Calling for ‘Help’

General Hospital Star Chad Duell’s ‘Dinner With the Godfather’ Leaves One Castmate Calling for ‘Help’

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Michael and Sonny may currently be trying to work through their issues on General Hospital, for Willow’s sake, but in real-life, it’s no secret that Chad Duell and Maurice Benard are two of the closet pals on the set. Often times, both have posted funny pics and videos of the other on social media, and in a recent shot, one of their castmates jumped into the comments to cry out, “Help.”

It all went down when Duell shared a photo with Benard while at a restaurant and stated, “Dinner with the Godfather,” to which the actress who plays his onscreen sister Joss, Eden McCoy, replied, “Help.”



Fans got a kick out of the post and one in particular, Heather, shared, “Couldn’t love this more! Now we need Michael and Sonny to do the same!”

Duell’s reference to Benard not only relates to Sonny’s mob status in Port Charles but back in 2019, Benard played John Gotti, often referred to as The Godfather, in the Lifetime movie Victoria Gotti: My Father’s Daughter. In fact, in a past interview, the actor talked to about the differences in playing Port Charles’ Sonny as opposed to Gotti — and he hadn’t even realized that Sonny was a lower-level gangster in comparison until after he had left the Lifetime set and returned to the ABC Studios…

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“The last day of shooting, I had to go straight to General Hospital. I got in around 6:00 am, I went to set and while playing Sonny I realized he’s in first or second gear,” Benard stated. “Gotti is in third, fourth or fifth [gear]. That’s when I realized I did better than I thought. The energy was totally different.”


While we wait to see if Sonny and Michael can work through their problems, and if you need a refresher on who’s who in the Corinthos Clan, take a walk down memory lane for a look into their family tree via our photo gallery below.

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