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Aha! So *That’s* the Real Reason General Hospital’s Carly Is With Drew!

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It hasn’t been an easy road for General Hospital‘s Carly and Drew. (Thanks for nothing, Ava!) But now that he’s survived prison (just barely), maybe it’ll finally be smooth sailing! Well, that’s if Drew sticks around now that Cameron Mathison signed that multi-picture deal!

Still, this unlikely couple has defied the odds from the start and — actually, we guess Carly and Drew aren’t that unlikely of a couple. And when Laura Wright joined Bradford Anderson (Spinelli) and Steve Burton (General Hospital‘s former Jason, now Days of Our Lives’ Harris) on their The Daily Drama Podcast, she had a very pointed crack about the real reason that Carly has stuck through it with Drew.


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“Well, she’s only with Drew,” Wright began, before cutting herself off. “No, I’m kidding about this, that’s terrible… She’s with Drew because he has all of Jason’s memories.”

When the guys were dumbfounded, she explained.




“Drew has all of Jason’s memories because of the whole mind swap thing with, with the memory swap.”

Yes, the infamous flash drive had Drew’s memories, but getting them back didn’t get rid of the fake ones he was given. So while Drew came back, he’s been walking around with two lifetimes worth of memories in his head ever since! Burton and Anderson had thought that Jason’s memories all been wiped out once Drew got his own life back, but no, Wright explained, they hadn’t.

“Supposedly he still had all of Jason’s memories,” Wright clarified. “Not that we’ve ever done it. So far, I have not had a scene where he was like, ‘Well, I actually know blah, blah, blah.’ Which I thought it would have been amazing.”


But if that ever happened, it would add an entirely new layer to their relationship!

“They’ve never played that,” Wright lamented, “But that would have been really funny. Because what if Carly tried to get away with things and Drew would be like, ‘No, no, no, no, no?’”

He knows all her tricks, he knows all her past misdeeds. Drew knows it all — the show has just never explored it. But it’s still there, just under the surface of their relationship.

So yeah, Wright may have started out joking about that, but what if that really is a big part of why Carly’s with Drew? He’s as close to Jason as she can get now. They were once identical twins and now he’s the only one who remembers Jason’s life as he lived it. Well, up to a point. The memories split once the real Jason came back, so it’s not like he was the same Jason who married Carly while Sonny was in Nixon Falls.

Sometimes, “good enough” is as good as it gets!

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