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General Hospital Spoilers: Spencer Thinks The Way To Ace Is Through Esme’s Heart — Will He Forsake Trina?

General Hospital spoilers tease Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) has been reeling over the idea that Esme Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl) might soon move out of his grandmother’s penthouse and into a place of her own — taking his baby brother, Ace Cassadine (Jay and Joey Clay), with her. Esme is about to find herself at a crossroads and ready to make a life-changing decision. Her growing feelings for Spencer are leading her to strike out on her own, no longer content with living with him.

Her urge to part ways has caused tension with Spencer, and some fans are wondering if that tension is going to turn into something more emotional in the coming weeks. If so, where will that leave Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali)?

General Hospital Spoilers — Esme Prince Is Longing for Her Ex

So far, only Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) knows how Esme feels about Spencer, and even to that end, she only knows that Esme has a bit of a crush.


General Hospital Spoilers: Spencer Thinks The Way To Ace Is Through Esme’s Heart — Will He Forsake Trina?

She doesn’t want her feelings for Spencer to grow so large that they become unmanageable and get in the way of their good co-parenting dynamic.

Alexis can’t fault the young woman for being more responsible with her heart than she ever has been herself. But when Alexis’ loose lips clue Spencer into what is really going on with Esme, he just might use that to his advantage.

GH Spoilers – Suggest Spencer Cassadine Plays His Hand Well

Spencer will quickly realize that dropping hints and flirting with Esme could get him everything he ever wanted — except for Trina, that is. If he indulges Esme’s desires for there to be more between them, he’ll most certainly lose the woman he loves.


At the same time, it’s going to be all too tempting for him to pass up the opportunity to lead Esme on and give her reason to believe there may be sparks between them that could lead to something more.

Is stringing Esme along really that cruel as long as he doesn’t cross any boundaries that would constitute cheating on Trina?


General Hospital Spoilers — Trina Robinson Is Blindsided — And Sidelined

What Spencer will fail to realize is that much of his behavior is still cheating in Trina’s eyes. She won’t feel right about Spencer’s two-timing when she learns what he’s been up to. But fear not, rumor has it it’s going to be some time before she knows anything is going on.

Spencer will keep that under his hat — insisting he’s convinced Esme to stick around with Ace for a bit longer on her own terms.

Little will Trina know, Spencer is leading Esme to think there is a future for them — and when Trina is done with Spencer, there just might be. Stay tuned for more GH news and spoilers to see how this plays out for all parties involved.


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