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General Hospital Recap: Laura Threatens to Send Cyrus Back to Prison

Laura Makes a Promise and a Threat Based on Information From Dante — and Esme and Ace Move Out

Wednesday, December 6, 2023: Today on General Hospital, Jake and Liz talk about Finn and Charlotte, Alexis and Martin put Finn through a mock questioning, and Sasha and Cody handle a business call together.

Laura is angry GH

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Curtis, Marshall and Trina go Christmas tree shopping. Trina picks out a tree, but Marshall and Curtis think it’s too small. Trina never thought about it as this is the size she and her mom always got, and it doesn’t require climbing ladders. Curtis understands what she’s getting at, but they have a big house, and it deserves a big tree.


Curtis Marshall Tree Shopping GH

As they look at trees, Trina gets a text and has to run off. Curtis selects a tree that will be delivered, and they think back to Christmas when he was younger. Curtis admits it wasn’t until he was older that he realized mom and Aunt Stella worked all year round to make that day magical for him and Tommy and to see they got everything they wanted.

Curtis memories GH

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Jake and Liz are also tree shopping, and Jake wants to talk about what is bothering his mom. Liz explains she’s worried about Finn and he’s being accused of something he didn’t do. He asks, “Like a malpractice suit?” Liz says that is what is happening, and she explains the case to him, but assures Jake that Finn did nothing wrong and this was not his fault. Jake is glad she told him. Liz says she is so proud of him and how he’s helped out with Aiden since Cam left.

Liz and Jake talk GH

Liz has a question for him and asks how things are with Charlotte. Jake admits he’s not sure, and they haven’t seen one another much since what happened. He says Charlotte has always been hard to read, and he never knows what she’s thinking. Liz tells her son that Charlotte not only has to heal physically, but emotionally and mentally, and that will take a while. Jake vents, “I hate guns!” He knows it was an accident, but he started reading about gun control and wants to get involved with some local groups. Liz is proud of him but says for now they need to find a tree.

Jake finds a purpose GH

At Laura’s, Spencer offers to drive Esme and Ace to their new place and help them get settled. She refuses his help as she can’t keep relying on him. She says she needs to get comfortable relying on herself, and ride shares. She says she’s doing this for Ace, and she knows this is hard on him and he probably thinks she’s shutting him out. He tells her he knows he was in the wrong and is sorry. She accepts his apology.


Esme says no to Spencer GH

Spencer holds Ace and says goodbye as Esme goes to get some final things. He tells Ace how much he’ll miss him, but he’ll still take him to the park to see the ducks. Esme listens in the background as Spencer tells Ace how he can’t wait to go to the pool with him next summer. Spencer tears up and tells his brother that he’ll always be his big brother no matter what happens. Esme is emotional herself.

Spencer Ace goodbye GH

Esme returns and puts Ace in his stroller. Spencer wishes her luck, and the two exchange a long look before she heads out.

Later, Trina turns up and embraces a saddened Spencer. They sit down, and Spencer hates to admit that Esme was right, but this will be better for Ace in the long run. Trina tells him that she’s proud of him for putting Ace first. He knows it’s better this happens now and he doesn’t remember his life before, but he always will. Trina believes Ace will subconsciously remember his time here, and it will be imprinted in his heart.

Trina proud of Spencer GH

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Dante arrives to see Laura in her office, where Jordan waits with the mayor. Laura needs an update on the Austin Gatlin-Holt case. Dante explains what they know so far is Austin’s body was found in an unoccupied house in Pautauk, and he was shot in the chest at close range. The house hadn’t been occupied for months but was owned by Austin.

Dante gives info GH

Laura asks why they aren’t further along in this case, and Dante explains this case is being handled by the PCPD and the Pautauk PD together. Laura asks if there are any suspects. Dante relays there are a few, and one is her brother. Laura assumes he’s not talking about Martin. Jordan says Cyrus is currently capable of murder. Dante explains it appears Austin and Mason were working for Cyrus while he was in Pentonville. Laura notes this is a big accusation and asks if he has proof.

Jordan and Laura listen GH

Dante reveals he has a confidential informant that Austin visited Cyrus in prison, and he testified at Cyrus’ trial. However, when he checked with the visitors log at Pentonville, there was no record of Austin visiting and he thinks they were wiped. Laura asks if he thinks Cyrus killed Austin. Dante says he doesn’t know, but he has a motive. Dante explains his meeting with Austin before he was killed, and that he was going to offer up a name for immunity and tell him who he and Mason worked for. However he never named a name, and Cyrus has an alibi at the Port Charles Grill. Jordan says he could have had someone do it, but Dante notes that assumes Cyrus still has contacts willing to do that for him, and he doesn’t believe Cyrus knew Austin was going to turn on him. Laura demands to be kept in the loop and swears if her brother is the same cold-blooded killer he was then she’ll make sure he’s locked up and never see the light of day again.

Laura makes a promise GH

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Sasha and Cody arrive at the Deception office after a public appearance, and Maxie tells them they have a special chemistry and everyone can see it. Maxie surprises them with an upcoming desert photo shoot, and they’ll be traveling to Monument Valley to shoot it. Cody can’t believe how Deception is going all out for this. Maxie says they aren’t just selling makeup, they are selling romance. Sasha looks and smiles at Cody. Maxie says the two of them together in front of a gorgeous sunset screams romance.

Sasha and Cody Deception GH

Felicia interrupts and apologizes but says she doesn’t want Maxie to worry, and James is okay. Cody jumps up and asks what happened to James. Felicia says James went to the school nurse with a stomachache, and the school couldn’t reach Maxie. Maxie checks her phone and sees the school tried to call her four times. Felicia says Obrecht looked him over and said it’s just a case of the 24-hour flu. Cody is relieved it’s nothing bigger.

Cody is worried GH

Maxie hates not being with James when he’s sick, but they have a conference call coming up that is so important. Cody and Sasha offer to handle it themselves, and they’ll call her right after and tell her how great it went. Maxie agrees to let them handle the call and rushes out before she changes her mind.

Maxie praises chemistry GH

Maxie leaves with her mom, and Cody and Sasha handle the conference call and fill those they are meeting with online about what is going on with Deception.

Cody and Sasha meet investors GH

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Adam drops by Joss’ dorm room and says their make-up test results are in and he can’t bear to look. She looks them up and he got a 97. Thrilled, he calls his dad with the news. His dad questions why he took a make-up test, and Adam claims he had to take his friend Joss to the ER during the exam.

Joss upset with Adam GH

After Adam’s call ends, Joss asks why he lied. He explains his dad wouldn’t understand why he had to leave a test, and all that matters to his parents is he becomes a doctor. She asks what he wants, and when is he going to start making decisions of his own. She also hates when people use her to lie. He apologizes and asks what she got on the test. She says she got a 90, and he says that’s too bad, and she’ll do better next time. Adam departs.

Adam lies to his dad GH

Later Joss begins to study, and she looks at a bottle of pills in her desk drawer. Over in Adam’s room, he also studies but pops some of his prescription pills.

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Alexis meets with Finn and Martin in her office. Alexis says she may not have her law license, but she has all the knowledge still. Martin doesn’t want Diane to trigger Finn on the stand, so they are going to hold a mock questioning with Alexis. Alexis warns him that Diane will turn this deposition into a battle, and they need to make sure he follows the golden rule, never volunteer anything. Alexis also says he should never say he doesn’t remember, and Martin tells him not to lie and make up something if he can’t remember a detail.

MArtin and Alexis grill Finn GH

They begin the mock questioning, and Alexis doesn’t hold back. She eventually asks if Muldoon’s symptoms could have been indicative of another disease or illness. Finn snaps, “Only about 10,000 other things.” Alexis and Martin grimace. Martin puts down a twenty on the desk and tells Alexis she won and she broke him in under 15 minutes. Finn says he did not break, but Alexis says he just handed the jury the information that there could have been other issues he overlooked and just treated the patient on his word of what was wrong with him. Finn asks how he is supposed to answer the question, and they tell him with one word, “yes.” They begin the questioning again.

Finn snaps GH

On the next General Hospital: Violet is in search of a special treat. Gregory runs into Diane and Robert. Lucy tells Scott sometimes you have to sacrifice for those you love. Curtis asks Portia if this is a possibility for him. Brennan visits Carly at Kelly’s again and apologizes for something. Anna tells Dante she believes someone else is involved.

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