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General Hospital: Angela Brighton is BJ Jones as an Angel

Carly Honors Bobbie in a Lasting Way — and the Truth About Angela Is Revealed

Today on General Hospital, citizens of Port Charles remember Bobbie as Carly and Felicia travel the globe to finish her final task.

Carly honors Bobbie GH

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At the hospital, Anna and Robert look at Bobbie’s photo on the memorial wall, and discuss how unfair her loss feels.


In Amsterdam, Carly sits at a table, while Felicia scouts the café. Carly shows a worker a photo of Bobbie and asks if he recognizes her, but the man says he can’t help her. He walks off, and Felica sits down and reminds her they can’t outright question people as these people keep their identity a secret. Carly vents that they don’t even know what the contact looks like. Felicia says in the PI business it’s not knowing who to look for but what to look for.

They sit at different tables and talk through earpieces. A woman enters and speaks with the man Carly questioned before. Felicia believes this might be Bobbie’s contact.

Felicia spots the contact GH

They approach the woman, who initially says she doesn’t know Bobbie until they tell her she died. She sits down with them and explains Bobbie was a regular here, and one day she saw her reading an article on human trafficking. The woman explains Bobbie opened up to her about her past as someone who was involved in human trafficking. She reveals Bobbie opened her home as a refuge to hide people until paperwork came through to get them out of the country.


Carly and Felicia talk with the contact GH

Carly asks about the young woman Bobbie was trying to help. The woman says her name is Cornelia, and Bobbie arranged for her to stay somewhere in Canada. She assumed Cornelia got to America, but Carly reveals Bobbie passed away here in Amsterdam. They realize the woman may still be hiding there, and that means the paperwork never got through.

Felicia calls Anna, who is with Robert, and she needs their help with the state department involving a human trafficking case. Robert says he has some contacts and will make a few calls.

Robert makes a call GH

Back in Amsterdam, the woman tells Carly that nobody knows where this girl is but Bobbie and that poor girl is probably freezing to death in some cabin in the woods. Carly realizes she’s hiding in Luke’s old cabin, which Tracy mentioned yesterday in passing.


Carly has a realization GH

Back at GH, Anna hopes Felicia and Carly aren’t in too much trouble, as human trafficking is a dangerous business to interfere in.

Carly and Felicia make their way to Canada and are driving to Luke’s cabin. Carly thinks it’s odd that they never spent much time together given Felicia was her mom’s best friend. Suddenly they are forced to swerve to avoid a moose. Unfortunately, the car ends up with a flat, and they need to change a tire.

Carly and Felicia get a flat GH

As they change the tire, Felicia admits there is a reason they were never close, and it was because when she came to Port Charles she not only destroyed Bobbie’s life, but her marriage, and she’s probably held onto that resentment. She feels embarrassed as this was decades ago, but she always had this protective streak when it came to Bobbie. Felicia says she’s sorry, but Carly tells her not to be and she gets it. Carly admits she’s not blameless, she was angry with her for being gone from Maxie’s life for so long. Felicia and Carly both agree they can forgive each other and lean on each other moving forward.

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Carly and Bobbie arrive at the cabin, knock on the door, and call out to Cornelia and say they are friends here to help her. She opens the door, and Carly explains they are friends and here to take her someplace. Suddenly the young woman comes out of the cabin swinging a shovel. Carly tells her to stop, and they were sent by a friend to help her, and she is safe.

Cornelia is angry GH

Cornelia sees Bobbie’s necklace around Carly’s neck, and asks why she’s wearing it. Carly says Bobbie is her mom and shows her a photo of her phone to prove it. Cornelia cries she doesn’t understand, why didn’t Bobbie come. Carly is sorry to tell her but Bobbie died. They know her story, and she is safe with them. Cornelia puts down the shovel and hugs Carly.

Carly and Felicia explain things GH

Felicia calls Anna and Robert back to get that favor Robert called in.

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Angela arrives at Kelly’s and meets Maxie. Maxie says people will be coming today to speak to her, and this is one thing she can help with given her mom and Carly are in Amsterdam looking for Bobbie’s contact.

Maxie wants to help GH

Laura speaks with Angela and admits she and Bobbie had a rough start as they were fighting over a boy. Laura flashes back to finding Bobbie getting ready to seduce Scott. She says Bobbie was someone who said what was on her mind, she could have a sympathetic ear but also give one a reality check. She recalls Bobbie talking to her about Nikolas, and how it hurt Luke to find out about him the way he did.

Laura remembers Bobbie GH

Lucas speaks to Angela about how his sister BJ called him champ, a nickname his dad gave him, and it annoyed the hell out of his mom. He calls his mom someone who never backed away from a fight to protect her loved ones.

Lucas remembers BJ

Michael, Joss and Willow remember Bobbie to Angela, and Willow recalls the support Bobbie showed her at her wedding to Michael, and made her feel like family.

Willow's memories of Michael GH

Scott and Lucy are the next to talk about Bobbie, and how upbeat she was, but that she also wouldn’t take any flack from anyone, especially from him. He flashes back to arguing with Bobbie over an attempted takeover at GH. Lucy recalls her arguments with Bobbie over Scott. Angela says it sounds like Lucy and Bobbie were the original frenemies. Lucy says that is a good way to put it, and she says Bobbie’s daughter BJ was very special to her.

Scott and Lucy recall Bobbie GH

Elizabeth speaks to Angela about Bobbie helping her through her sexual assault as a teen. Liz says her sons don’t know about her attack, and she’d like to leave that out of the article. She flashes back to Bobbie helping her after the rape happened. Liz says she was confused, but Bobbie never made her feel ashamed, and she found her true passion in healing others thanks to Bobbie.

Bobbie and Liz flashback GH

Later Angela thanks Maxie for arranging for all these people to speak to her and will send her the article once it’s finished. Maxie hopes she is staying in town, as she’d like to get to know her. Angela says her boss says she can’t stay long, but she’ll see her around. Angela walks off, just as Maxie sees her mom calling. She calls after Angela, but she’s gone…

Maxie meets her mom and Carly at GH. Liz tends to Carly’s head wound from the car accident, and Carly takes Liz up on her offer to paint a new sign for Kelly’s… except she has something else in mind.

Carly's head wound GH

It’s the next day, and Felicia stayed the night at Maxie’s. Maxie is trying to find Angela’s business card to email her that she and Carly found the woman Bobbie was helping, but she can’t find it anywhere. She also can’t find any online presence for her, which is odd for a journalist. Felicia offers to make some phone calls and takes off.

At Kelly’s, Lucas, Carly and Laura gather to see Liz’s new sign, calling it perfect. Carly says this place has been a safe haven for people, and with their mom gone, people still need to know it is.

Carly gets a new sign GH

Lucas has to leave and catch a flight, and heads out. He runs into Angela outside and says people are looking for her, as her tip led Felicia and Carly to save that woman Bobbie was helping. She says she’d love to celebrate, but she has to go back home. Lucas thanks her, and turns his back to walk away… She says, “Anytime, Champ…” Lucas turns around and she’s gone.

Lucas sees BJ GH

Outside of Maxie’s, Felicia calls the AP in Amsterdam about Angela, but the woman on the phone nobody by that name has ever worked here. Felicia then realizes Brighton was Barbara Jean. Meanwhile, Maxie also comes to the same conclusion. Felicia returns and they embrace knowing it was BJ all along.

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Liz and Laura leave Carly, who wants to spend some time alone in the café. Carly hopes she brought her mom some peace, as that’s what Bobbie gave her and everyone else. More flashbacks are shown, including BJ’s death, and the tribute to Bobbie at last year’s Nurses Ball.

Carly goes out and hangs the new sign Liz painted, renaming Kelly’s Bobbie’s.

Bobbie's Place GH

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