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General Hospital Spoilers For May 2, 2023: Curtis Finds Trina, Dex Battles Guilt

General Hospital Spoilers For May 2, 2023, offer some progress in the ongoing battle of Port Charles V/S Victor Cassadine. Curtis will manage to reach Trina on The Haunted Star. But will he be able to save her and the rest? Valentin’s bravado might lead him to become a lab rat for Daddy’s evil. Meanwhile, back in Port Charles, Dex will battle guilt over handing incriminating evidence against Sonny. Will Michael use it to finally take down Sonny? Keep reading TV Season & Spoilers to learn more.

Curtis Finds Trina, Portia Worries About Their Safety

Trina and Spencer are still attempting to escape from The Haunted Star. However, their attempt will fail on General Hospital. The spoilers for May 2, 2023, reveal that Victor’s henchmen will overpower the young couple and push them back into separate rooms. A goon will threaten Spencer with dire consequences for his retaliation. Meanwhile, Trina will be shocked when Curtis turns up in her room. She will be relieved to see him, but will he be able to save her Spencer, and Ace from the ship?

GH/ Will Curtis (Donnell Turner) be able to save Trina?

Back in Port Charles, Portia will be extremely anxious and worried. She will confide in Jordan that she is scared of things going off the rails. General Hospital spoilers tease that Portia will battle fears of losing Trina and Curtis, both at Victor’s hands. However, Ashford will pacify her that Curtis will not let any harm come to Trina. Meanwhile, Liz will discover an unconscious Scott. Robert will try to reason with her that it is all under control, and they are trying to keep him from reaching out to the WSB. Will Liz side with Robert, or will she retaliate? Stay tuned to find out!

General Hospital Spoilers: Valentin Negotiates With Victor, Dex Feels Conflicted

As much as Valentin and his companions tried to stay hidden on the island in Greenland, Victor’s goons smelled something foul. Eventually, Valentin decided to take one for the team and jump out of hiding so everybody else could remain undetected. In the May 2, 2023, episode, Valentin will negotiate with his father. He will try to urge Victor to let go of the deadly Pathogen plan, but we know Victor is not one to be dissuaded. Thus, he will offer Valentin to become his test subject for the antidote in return of further negotiations after his survival from the drug. Will Valentin take the offer? Does he even have any other choice?

General Hospital
GH/ Will Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) reach an understanding with his father?

Meanwhile, back in Port Charles, Dex and Joss will raise the temperatures with their steamy lovemaking. Later, the two will cuddle up and discuss Sonny’s mob activities. General Hospital spoilers for May 2, 2023, reveal that Dex will feel a tinge of guilt over handing over Sonny’s incriminating recording to Michael. Joss’ revelation about Sonny’s help in misleading the SEC about Drew’s trial will further add to his conflict. Dex will feel torn over the fact that Sonny keeps proving that he isn’t as bad of a person as he believed him to be. But Sonny’s fate lies in Michael’s hands now. Stay tuned to the upcoming episode of General Hospital to find out what Michael does with the recordings against Sonny!


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