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General Hospital – Marcus Coloma Is Back Working, Comes Together With Kin Shriner

Something is off with General Hospital characters Nikolas and Scotty. According to the soap, Nikolas is in a coma, kept hidden by Mason, and hence not seen on-screen. Meanwhile, Kin Shriner tweeted that Scotty’s character has been written off. But we don’t know the true story as Kin always loves to do the yearly wolf cry. Hence, the fate of both the characters is still hanging. Recently, the actors Kin Shriner and Marcus Coloma (former portrayer of Nikolas) have announced that they’re uniting on screen. Keep reading to know what both actors shared with fans.

Marcus Coloma And K in Shriner’s Big Announcement AO Instagram

General Hospital spoilers suggest Nik might return to the soap, but we are unsure who will play the role. As this is flying around, Marcus and Kin announced on Instagram that they have started a new venture together. In the Instagram video, they played around on a phone call announcing their agency name – Two Dicks! Marcus also mentioned the tagline as “One big, one little!” Kin wittily added they still have to figure out which one is which. In the end, the name of their agency appeared on the screen as ‘2 DICKS PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS! 1-800-555-7000.’

Marcus & Kin Receive Overwhelming Response From General Hospital Fans

Fans dropped their comments on this video. They were excited to see both General Hospital actors coming together. One of their former co-stars, Johnny Wactor, along with the fans, also replied to the video. He commented – “One big, one little,” Haha! Johnny played the character of Brando, who fatally fell victim to the Hook Killer. While a fan asked where Johnny fit into all of this as the “biggest” gets paid more, the actor cheekily chimed in that he has the highest salary in this production.

General Hospital
GH/ Maybe Marcus and Kin can make some space for Johnny in their venture too!

All in all, General Hospital fans thoroughly enjoyed watching Marcus and Scotty together. The actors created a great buzz by announcing their crazy new venture. However, many fans are hoping that this pairing moves on to General Hospital. It will be interesting to watch them share a storyline. What do you think? Share with us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to the TV Season & Spoilers to know if the actors come back on the soap.

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