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Which General Hospital Woman Will Bring Jason Morgan Back?

Which General Hospital Woman Will Bring Jason Morgan Back?

So many Port Charles choices, and just one mobster to go around, alas.

general hospital jason morgan will need a romance.Jason will be returning before you know it.

Jason has been presumed dead on General Hospital in the past. So coming back is no big deal. He knows Sonny will be waiting with open arms to welcome him back to a life of crime. His children will also still be there, since they have no other choice in the matter. But what about love? Which love will be the one to bring Jason back to Port Charles?

Married to the Mob

Jason (Steve Burton) loves his mob lifestyle. His family of origin didn’t understand or appreciate it. Neither did many of the women Jason has been involved with. You know who won’t have an issue with being married to the mob? Ava (Maura West). Ava is a mafia princess. She and Jason would make a perfect match! They got to know each other when he came back from the dead the last time.


Baby Mama

Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) was married to Lucky (Jonathan Jackson) when she and Jason conceived Jake (Hudson West), so the two never really had a chance. But now her husband, Franco (Roger Howarth) is dead. And her romance with Finn (Michael Easton) is…dull. Jason’s love, Sam (Kelly Monaco), is living with Dante (Dominic Zamprogna). So nothing is stopping Jason and Liz from getting together now!

Back To the Beginning

Jason was the first person Carly (Laura Wright) slept with in Port Charles, and she never quite got over him. The pair finally wed when Sonny (Maurice Benard) was presumed dead, but then he came back and, oops! But Sonny and Carly ended up breaking up. And her relationship with his twin Drew (Cameron Mathison) is…basically a Jason substitute. The minute Jason returns, Carly will make a beeline in his direction. Drew who?

Always There

But, in the end, Sam is the love of Jason’s life. It’s not just because they share a son, Danny. Jason doesn’t care about his kids — or doesn’t show it in a traditional way. But it also doesn’t matter that she’s with Dante (who still loves comatose Lulu). These two were meant to be. And they always will be.


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