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General Hospital Spoilers: Should GH Have Asked Antonio Sabato Jr. To Return As John Jagger Cates?

General Hospital Spoilers: Should GH Have Asked Antonio Sabato Jr. To Return As John Jagger Cates?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers state that fans are still buzzing online over the return of John “Jagger” Cates to Port Charles. Viewers had major question marks in their minds during the arrival of a mysterious blonde man on Friday, February 2. By the end of the show, it was revealed that the FBI agent was Jagger, much to everyone’s shock.

It’s great that Jagger has made a comeback to the little town; however, for some GH audiences, it is very odd to see the character played by recast, Adam J. Harrington.


He’ll likely grow into the role and turn it into his own, but it’s well-known that actor Antonio Sabàto Jr. established the high-profile character.

He was in the role from 1992 to 1995, and later reprised the part for GH’s Night Shift in 2008.

Jagger was a fan favorite in the 1990s, the fact that a new actor playing the character, especially one that is blonde, blue-eyed, and mirrors zero of the original role’s physical appearance did catch many fans off-guard.

After Friday’s GH episode, Sabàto jumped on social media, posting a video on Instagram addressing Jagger’s recast; however, he deleted it after the fact.


With that said, once you place something on the Internet, it stays there forever, and since some did end up saving it before it was “erased”, so Antonio’s message has still been relayed to the masses.

Sabato made it clear during the video that he was not asked to return to the soap. Still, he also states that he has multiple projects on the go, including acting work, and he wasn’t ‘begging’ the soap’s producers for his Jagger job back.

The real reason behind GH not reaching out to Sabàto for a Jagger Cates comeback may never be known. It’s been speculated on social media that it’s because of Antonio Sabato Jr.’s outspoken political views, but the show has neither confirmed nor denied this, nor will they!

At the end of the day, it’ll take time for fans to get used to Jagger’s new face, new name (John) and this version of the character will likely be completely different than anything GH fans have been used to in the past.

Whether or not he’ll be as popular as the Jagger viewers saw with Sabàto in the ‘90s will remain to be seen.


General Hospital spoilers hint that John “Jagger” Cates will become an integral part of storylines moving forward.

He may dive into a romance or two along the way. Only time will tell if he’ll be as well-received as the OG Jagger once was.

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