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General Hospital Preview: As Sonny Prepares to Take Care of Dex, [Spoiler] May Be the Only One Who Can Save Him

Sonny saves Dex GH

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In General Hospital’s preview for the week of February 12-16, Port Charles celebrates Valentine’s Day, but it’s not all lovey-dovey. Read on for the scoop and watch the teaser video.

Chase wishes Brook Lynn a Happy Valentine’s Day. Yes it’s that time of year for extra romance on the soaps!


Last week Cody proposed a bet at the axe-throwing bar, and staged it so he and Sasha lost to Spinelli and Maxie. The prize? A night out on the town for the winners? This week, at The Savoy, Sasha teases, “Have you ever thought of trying again?” Maxie and Spinelli smile and wave at each other from across the room.

Curtis and Portia get intimate for the first time since his accident, and it is their anniversary, so what better way to celebrate? Michael and Willow kiss, as it looks like their relationship is getting back on track.




However, it’s not all love and roses. Drew warns Nina, “You keep playing with fire and see where it gets you!” Last week Nina decided to open her own magazine to rival Crimson.

Dante is surprised by a call, could it be from John Cates? Is there new information on the case?

Finally, after Brick exposed Dex’s foreign bank account with a lot of money in it, it sure appeared to Sonny that Dex was the mole in his operation and perhaps the shooter. Of course, he has it all wrong. Coming up, Dex is apprehended and brought face to face with Sonny in the dark of night. Sonny says his rat problem will be over soon. Suddenly Carly screams out, “Sonny!” Will she be forced to expose the truth about Dex and Michael in order to save Dex’s life?

Read the General Hospital spoilers to find out what Molly discovers, and what Nina receives.


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