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General Hospital’s Jon Lindstrom Pulls Back the Curtain On an ‘Intense, Frantic’ Day on the Set

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Jon Lindstrom is a man who knows how to keep busy. But then, anyone who’s watched him on General Hospital knows this, seeing as how for years he played not just one, but two characters as good guy Kevin and his psycho brother Ryan. Then there’s the new novel he just released, Hollywood Hustle: A Thriller.


When chatted with the actor about his new book, he couldn’t help but laugh after talking about how great an experience publishing a book has been.

“I’m so tired,” Lindstrom exclaims with a laugh before joking, “I just get bored so easy. It’s this terrible character flaw.” Check out the full video below before finding out what he’s tackling next. Because if writing a book was exhausting, we can only imagine how tiring his new role is: President of the United States of America! Wait, what?


OK, clearly we don’t mean he’s the actual president. Well, actually, there’s no reason why he couldn’t run! After all, Ronald Reagan was an actor before he hit politics and we’re sure there’s plenty of soap fans out there who would vote for him in a heartbeat!


But no, we’re talking about a new acting role! Lindstrom took to Instagram to tease a bit of what’s coming up, writing, “On my way back from Dallas after an intense, frantic, loooong day as POTUS with the fabulous and gifted Demetrius Navarro, Sofia Milos and Jesse Metcalfe. What beautiful hardworking artists I had the blessing to work with. More to come.”

Click through the post below for some downright presidential looking photos!


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“Was a true pleasure hanging out on set,” Milos wrote in the comments. “You were great, POTUS!”


A number of fans chimed in to say that he’s got their vote, with one even teasing that there was still time to get on the ticket for November. But we’re going to guess Lindstrom is perfectly happy just playing pretend when it comes to the massive burdens of the presidency. There’s wanting to keep busy and then there’s the non-stop stress of leading the free world!

We, though, are glad to see Lindstrom in whatever role he takes on and can’t wait to see him tackle the presidency  — on our screens, of course! Luckily, it sounds like it shouldn’t be taking him away from Port Charles. Instead, it’s just one more thing he’s squeezed into his busy life: Actor, author and POTUS!

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