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General Hospital Spoilers: Are Sonny and Nina Over?

General Hospital spoilers - Nina - Sonny

Sonny and Nina’s marriage has taken a huge hit due to the latter’s betrayal, per General Hospital Spoilers. Things have reached an explosive point where Sonny is seeking a divorce from her. But just because he has asked for it, will he really go through? Or is there still some hope for them? Let’s find out from Maurice Benard himself!

General Hospital Spoilers: The End Is Near!

Although, being soap lovers for so long, there is one thing that stands true in this verse – never say never! Absolutely anything is possible here. But, does that stretch to the possibility of a Sonny-Nina reconciliation? Sure, the resident mobster of PC has gone through worse, but somehow he appears stung like never before.

General Hospital Spoilers - Sonny - Nina
GH/ Sonny and Nina on the verge of divorce

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Could that be because he really loves Nina way too much? General Hospital spoilers say that Sonny is actually licking a double betrayal wound. From Nina, as well as, Carly. Perhaps, that’s why he is so jilted, and all the brunt is falling upon Nina. But, if the sky was to get clearer could he reconsider his decision?

Ryan from TV Source recently sent out a message to Maurice Benard (Sonny), asking his opinion on the rift between his character and Nina. General Hospital spoilers verify that the actor has asserted on many occasions that he absolutely loves Cynthia Watros.

General Hospital Spoilers - Maurice Benard
GH/ Maurice Benard less than optimistic about Sonny-Nina

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The GH star once again affirmed that emotion, but refrained from commenting on Sonny and Nina. “I’ll say it again I love Cynthia Watros I stay out of the storyline better for my health I do the best I can with what I’m given,” he responded.


The dismissive response towards a possible reconciliation storyline has us worried, to be honest. Maurice may not have spelled it in so many words, but if a reunion was coming up, he may have said something more optimistic. Like -“wait and find out”, or something on those lines.

General Hospital Spoilers- Sonny-Ava
GH/ Sonny grows closer to Ava

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General Hospital spoilers hint that many mega shakeups are coming up on the ABC soap. Now, we can’t help but wonder if a Sonny-Nina divorce is part of that parcel. If so, then what’s next for the characters?

Nina’s previous boo, Valentin, is currently single! Maybe they could reignite their old flame. And as for Sonny, many GH buffs are actually keen on a Sonny-Ava reboot! What’s your take on that, tell us below.

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General Hospital spoilers - Nina - Valentin
GH/ Time for a Nina Valentin reboot?

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