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General Hospital Spoilers: Is Cameron Mathison Leaving GH?

General Hospital Spoilers: Is Cameron Mathison Leaving GH?

General Hospital Spoilers-Cameron Mathison

General Hospital Spoilers suggest that Cameron Mathison might leave the show soon. Recently, GH shocked fans with Jason’s return. Now that he is back, fans are in for more surprises.

Amongst all of this, the biggest shocker could be Jason and Carly’s reunion. And Drew seems to be preparing for it in advance. Does that mean he will soon bid farewell to Port Charles? Let’s delve in and find out!


General Hospital Spoilers: Will Jason And Carly’s Romance Spell The End For Drew?

Jason’s grand comeback has stirred up more than just nostalgia. It has ignited old flames and sparked new conflicts. Carly and Jason’s romantic history is no secret, and General Hospital fans can’t help but wonder if the sparks will fly once again. But what about Drew? It seems his days in Port Charles might be numbered.

Carly and Drew’s relationship hasn’t been going well for some time now, especially since Drew spent time in jail and has had revenge on mind. In the General Hospital preview for the upcoming episodes, Drew’s emotional declaration to Carly has left viewers questioning his future: “We both know that you’re gonna be there for him,” he says, hinting at Jason, “And I’m not going to be here to watch.”

General Hospital Spoilers-Carly-Drew
GH/ Carly and Drew break up

Is Drew giving up on Carly, or is he considering leaving Port Charles altogether? Many General Hospital fans aren’t really happy with Drew’s character, and with Jason back in the picture, it seems Carly and Jason’s reunion is just around the corner.


But if they reunite, where does that leave Drew? General Hospital Spoilers suggest he might not be as important anymore. There are rumors going around that Cameron Mathison, the actor who plays Drew, might be leaving the show soon.

With things getting more intense and emotions running high, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Drew’s story takes a big turn and he leaves Port Charles. Fans can’t wait to see what happens next. Will Carly and Jason start dating again, leaving Drew feeling sad and lonely?

General Hospital Spoilers-Carly-Jason-
GH/ Carly meets Jason

We’ll have to wait and see. So stick around to see what’s coming up next. Meanwhile, stay glued to Soap Opera Daily for your daily fix of General Hospital spoilers and gossip!

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