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General Hospital Spoilers: Laura Wright Previews Carly And Jason’s Future

General Hospital Spoilers: Laura Wright Previews Carly And Jason’s Future

Laura Wright

General Hospital Spoilers reveal that Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) has returned to Port Charles after a two-year absence. Before Jason could even tell Carly Spencer (Laura Wright) where he had been and what he is doing, the FBI and PCPD were banging on her door.

So where has Jason been for the past two years? Who saved him from the cave in on Cassidine Island and why is he with this would-be assassin coming after Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard)?

Who Is Jason Morgan Going To Be With?

General Hospital Spoilers reveal that the burning question in everyone’s mind is who will Jason end up with? Jason and Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) fans want them back together.

Sam and Jason have been through so much and deserve a chance to make it as a family. After all, Sam and Jason chose to have a child together and they have time together. Danny has been without Jason most of his life.

Sam and Jason broke up because Jason’s life was supposedly too dangerous. However, it seems that Dante ‘s life is just as dangerous.

Will Jason want to try again or does he have someone else in mind? After all, Jason also has a child with Liz Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst). Perhaps Jason wants to try that relationship again.

General Hospital: Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) and Carly Spencer (Laura Wright)

GH Spoilers: Britt Westbourne Has Died

Jason was trying to get things back on track with Britt Westbourne (ex-Kelly Thiebaud) when he was supposedly killed. Jason doesn’t even know that Britt is dead.

Of course, Jason will be upset to learn this but he didn’t exactly go looking for Britt to patch him up when he got shot, instead, he came to Carly’s house instead.

Carly has been with Drew Cain *Cameron Mathison) for some time now and they seem to be happy. Unfortunately, Carly and Jason’s friendship could be something that Drew cannot handle.

Drew also has not been himself since he was in prison. Will Carly stay with Drew knowing that Jason is alive and well and in Port Charles?

General Hospital Spoilers: Will Jason Morgan Go Back To Carly Spencer

The cast and crew of General Hospital seem thrilled to have Steve and Jason back. However, everyone also wants to weigh in on the storyline.

How does the cast feel about Jason’s love life? Who do they believe Jason will even up with this time around? Will Carly fight for Jason now that she has him back? Will Carly win?

Jason’s romantic future may be up in the air but Laura dos reveal that Carly is a standby her best friend kind of gal. Carly knows without a doubt that Jason would never come after Sonny.

Carly will stand by Jason no matter what. Carly will be right by Jason’s side as he tries to prove his innocence. What else will we out about all the time he has been gone as well?

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with GH right now. Come back here often for General Hospital spoilers, news, and updates.

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