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General Hospital Spoilers: Leaked BTS Reveals Dex’s Next Big Storyline

General Hospital Spoilers: Leaked BTS Reveals Dex’s Next Big Storyline

General Hospital spoilers - Dex

Joss and Dex’s love life was going too hot and trouble-free to go unnoticed by trouble, say General Hospital spoilers. After all, it is Soap 101 that a couple going too strong for too long becomes boring, no? So, a shakeup in their relationship was inevitable.

Lo and Behold, came the unexpected twist of Joss finding out that her sexy Dexy is a gun yielding mobster. Although, it is beyond our understanding how she did not already know it, considering she knows very well what Sonny and the men who work for him do.

General Hospital Spoilers-Dex-Joss
GH/ Joss breaks up with Dex

Anyway, that’s a rant for another day! Today, we discuss the high stakes new storyline that is loading for Dex! General Hospital spoilers confirm that Anna Devane has managed to convince Dex to join PCPD and turn his life around, will also becoming a valuable asset to him.

Now, a pair of leaked BTS pictures confirm that Dex is indeed training to join the ranks of the Port Charles Police Department. And guess who is helping him train? Harrison Chase of course. And just look at how sweltering hot he looks in that sleek suit, while Dex sweats it out!

General Hospital Spoilers- Dex-Chase
GH/ Chase helps Dex train

We wonder if this is the beginning of a redemption track for Dex? General Hospital spoilers tease that Joss has certainly wiped her hands off of him, but love doesn’t just vanish in thin air like that. Surely, she still has feelings for him!

Thus, once her initial anger cools off, and she witnesses first hand how hard Dex is trying to turn his life around, she might decide to give him a second chance. There might even be a situation where she sees him pull a major rescue stunt as a newly appointed officer.

General Hospital Spoilers- Dex
GH/ Will Dex successfully become a part of PCPD?

We highly doubt she would be able to resist a reformed Dex, that too decked up in a uniform! What do you say? Ready for a Jex reunion? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to Soap Opera Daily for more General Hospital spoilers!

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