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General Hospital Spoilers For Monday, June 5, 2023: Ava & Carly Hold Ammunition Against Sonny, Spencer & Trina Find Big Evidence Against Esme

General Hospital Spoilers are out for Monday, June 5, 2023, and they tease a firecracker of an episode. For starters, Zeke will return to Port Charles! So it will be interesting to watch what flavors he adds to the simmering pot of PC! Elsewhere, Joss will confess her feelings to Dex and assure him that she really loves him. Meanwhile, Carly will find out about the video Dex recorded for Michael. But how will she react to this bombshell? Keep reading TV Season & Spoilers to find out!

Carly Rips Into Michael Over Sonny, Brook Lynn And Chase Celebrate

Carly is still biting her nails over how to climb out of the SEC hole she had Drew have been pushed into on General Hospital. While she does have two options that may work in her favor, she is vehemently against choosing either of them. Neither does she want to turn against Drew, nor does she want to testify against Sonny in exchange for a deal. However, in the June 5, 2023, episode, Michael will fill Carly in on the incriminating video against Sonny that Dex recorded. Michael will insist that if Carly wishes, they could just turn it in. Carly would be livid at the idea of throwing Sonny under the bus. But Joss’ insistence on getting Dex out of Sonny’s mob will suddenly start to make a lot of sense to her.

General Hospital
GH/Carly refuses to use evidence against Sonny

Elsewhere in Port Charles, newly reunited lovers Brook Lynn and Chase will be happily celebrating their rekindled romance by the pool. Brook Lynn will assert that in this very moment, she has everything she wants. However, their cozy time will be interrupted by Tracy. Moreover, she will demand answers from her granddaughter about her intentions regarding something. What could Tracy be talking about? Stay tuned to the upcoming episode of General Hospital to find out the answer!


General Hospital Spoilers: Mason Makes New Demands To Ava, Trina And Spencer Discuss Evidence Against Esme

Viewers know that Mason holds a great deal of explosives over Ava and Austin on General Hospital. Hence, during the June 5, 2023, episode, he will approach Ava with a whole new set of demands. Mason will wager that Ava has inroads with Sonny, thanks to them being co-parents to their daughter, Avery. He will demand that she must use her connection with Sonny to spy on him and bring back information to Mason. Neither Ava nor Austin will be in favor of this plan. But do they really have any other option?

GH/ Will Ava agree to spy on Sonny?

General Hospital spoilers for June 5, 2023, reveal that Spencer and Trina will go through the evidence Victor left against Esme in the box. However, upon investigation, Spencer will realize that the evidence is doctored. Hence, Trina will suggest that they should destroy the bogus evidence and find a more legal way of putting Esme away. The spoilers tease that Spencer will agree with Trina. However, he will secretly hide the evidence away, just in case he needs to use it in the future. Will he really use the fake evidence to send Esme to prison and win Ace’s custody? Stay tuned to General Hospital to find out the answers!


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