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General Hospital: Will Spencer Use Victor’s Evidence Against Esme To Snatch Ace?

Victor Cassadine’s will has opened Pandora’s Box on General Hospital. While the contents spelled trouble for some, and brought hope to a few, it has also left a much-needed respite for Spencer! However, considering that the gift comes from Victor, it cannot be free from trouble! So what’s the catch here? What trouble could Spencer fall into if he decides to use Victor’s gift? Keep reading TV Season & Spoilers to find out!

Victor Gifts Spencer Hard Evidence Against Esme

It was a moment of sheer fear before Spencer and Trina opened the safe deposit box left behind by Victor Cassadine on General Hospital. It could have contained literally anything! The man who just injected a deadly pathogen in his own son’s bloodstream would stop short of what? Nothing at all! So, it genuinely was a brave move on Spencer and Trina’s part to open the box. However, once they did open it, they were pleasantly surprised by the “gift” the legacy villain had left Spencer.

GH/ Spencer and Trina discuss the evidence against Esme

The box contained hard evidence against Esme, incriminating enough to send her away for a long time to come. Starting from drugging Oz to leaking Joss and Cam’s video, it contained proof of everything. And the minute Trina saw it, she was overjoyed by the prospect of getting rid of Trina. It would also go a long way in helping Spencer gain Ace’s custody forever. However, her excitement was short-lived since Spencer soon figured that the evidence was all doctored! Perhaps Victor was only trying to help Spencer get Ace’s custody.


Spencer Risks Relationship With Trina To Go After Esme On General Hospital

However, upon realizing the credibility or the lack of it, Trina immediately backed off from the idea of using it on General Hospital. She tells Spencer that if they use evidence that is not legit, not only would it weaken the case against Esme, but it might also land them in trouble. Furthermore, she asserted that the only way to get rid of her is the legitimate route! For a moment there, Spencer seemed to agree with Trina and assured her that he would get rid of it. However, later, he decides to save it for a rainy day!

General Hospital
GH/ Will Spencer go behind Trina’s back and use the evidence?

Uh-Oh! Trouble Trouble! See, we told you! Just by virtue of it coming from Victor was enough to hint that the gift may land the receiver in trouble on General Hospital. Now why would the makers make Spencer save the fake evidence if they weren’t planning on making him use it! This also brings back GH’s executive producer, Frank Valentini’s hint to our mind! Recently, he teased in a tweet that Spencer and Trina’s days as a couple could be numbered! We wonder, if Spencer goes around Trina’s back and uses the evidence to snatch Ace’s custody, how would she react?

She’s already made it pretty clear that she does not want to indulge in anything illegal. Moreover, she may even feel betrayed, cheated, or lied to if Spencer pulls the stunt despite her telling him not to. We can easily see this turning into a heated argument that soon spins out of control and burns down their relationship! So are we really heading towards watching Frank Valentni’s tweet come true? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to General Hospital to find out what happens next!


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