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General Hospital: Will Bringing Back Nikolas Be Valentin’s Redemption?

Victor Cassadine may be dead on General Hospital or may not be. Either way, his reign of terror is far from over! Even in his absence, the legacy villain of Port Charles has managed to open a whole can of worms to drive everyone up the wall! On the one hand, his video well put the WSB on Anna’s back, while on the other, it dropped hints about Nikolas! Is this the beginning of a new search mission for Laura? Will she take Victor’s clues as breadcrumbs that could lead her to her son? Keep reading all the updates at TV Season & Spoilers to find out!

Laura Starts A Search Mission For Nikolas On General Hospital

We know that Nikolas “sleeping beauty” Cassadine is currently in a coma at a long-term recovery center on General Hospital, thanks to Mason. However, the residents of Port Charles are not privy to this exclusive information! They think Spencer’s dad bailed to avoid the whole mess with Esme Prince. Meanwhile, Ava is uncomfortable and perched on a mountain of guilt – still believing that Nik has died at her hands. But again, that is not true! Nik is very much alive and literally waiting to be discovered and woken up from his deep slumber. But who will be the one to give the kiss of life?

GH/ Valentin and Laura join forces

It is unlikely that Ava would do the honors on General Hospital. Spencer is occupied with trying to snatch Ace’s custody from Esme and, as of now, couldn’t care any lesser about his daddy-gone-again. So, will Dear Nik have to settle for being woken up by his mother’s affections? Perhaps! After all, in the recent episode, Laura declared that she would go to Chechnya, to find her son. Victor has left Nik a property there. Thus, Laura feels that Victor may have been hiding Nik there all this while. Unfortunately, she couldn’t be farther from the truth, for her son sleeps much closer to home than she thinks!


Valentin Brings Nikolas Home, Earns Redemption For Shooting Him

Anywho, so Mommy Laura is now preparing to jet off to Chechnya to look for Nik on General Hospital. But hold on! Lucky for her, she won’t have to do it alone! Valiant Val has offered Laura his help in bringing Nik back! It is interesting to note that a few years ago, Valentin shot Nik and threw him out of the window. Following this, Nik was assumed dead and was gone for nearly three years. However, no one stays dead forever on soap operas. Thus, staying true to the genre, Nikolas returned to gatecrash Valentin’s wedding!

General Hospital
GH/ Will Valentin become Nik’s savior?

Our dear Valentin has come a long way from the time he entered General Hospital as the darkest of all Cassadines! He has righted many of his earlier wrongs ever since, however, almost killing Nik is not one of them. Perhaps, it’s time to change that! And what better opportunity than now, when his nephew is missing all over again! So while both Valentin and Laura are way off the trail right now, it won’t take much to bring them on the right track. Valentin’s WSB past might come in handy! For all we know, Victor really did know where Nik is! Perhaps he has hidden the real map to his location in Chechnya!

It would be a thrill to watch the lovely Laura and the valiant Val embark on this mission together! Moreover, we wonder what the dynamics would be between Valentin and Nik if Val becomes the one to rescue and bring him back home eventually! Would you like to watch Valentin and Nikolas united as a family? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to General Hospital to find out what happens next!


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