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General Hospital Spoilers: Is It Time For Sonny and Nina To Reunite?

General Hospital Spoilers: Is It Time For Sonny and Nina To Reunite?

General Hospital Spoilers - Sonny - Nina

Nina knew it in her heart all along that the day Sonny learns her SEC spillage secret, their relationship will be toast, recall General Hospital Spoilers. So, most certainly, it did not come as a surprise when it actually happened! Although, fans had been speculating that the SEC-triggered separation would be temporary, and Sonny would eventually come around.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. After innumerable efforts to win her hubby back, Nina gave up, point General Hospital Spoilers. Not only did she take off her wedding ring, she even started a series of clandestine hookups with Drew! Yes, Drew, of all people in the world! Thus, nailing the coffin, their marriage rested in, officially shut!

General Hospital Spoilers - Nina -Sonny
GH/ Nina has accepted that her and Sonny’s marriage is over, but is it really?

But is it really that final? Is anything ever really that final on a soap opera? General Hospital spoilers spill that a lot of Sonny’s erratic behavior is coming from his altered meds. So, if that error is corrected, there is still a chance Sonny would wake up and realize how much he still loves Nina. And whatever she did, did not warrant a termination of their marriage.

But even if Sonny asks for a redo, can Nina really wrap her head around it now? Especially with him going around trying to woo Natalia. In fact, even if Natalia is removed from the picture, there is still Carly! The two recently shared an extremely heartfelt moment when Carly tried to pacify Sonny.

General Hospital Spoilers- Sonny - Carly
GH/ Carly pacifies Sonny

That just proves that Sonny and Carly will always have a soft spot for each other. Besides, General Hospital spoilers confirm that there have been many shakeups in the GH writing team, so fans should really expect the unexpected moving forward!


Yet, if you had the chance to pick a pick for Sonny, who would it be? Nina, Carly, or Natalia? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to Soap Opera Daily for more General Hospital Spoilers.

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