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General Hospital: Meet The Handsome Doctor Who Just Came To Port Charles

In the previous episodes of General Hospital, everyone got to see a new actor whom they hadn’t seen before. Hence, TV Season & Spoilers is here to throw some light on it. The fresh face is Darin Toonder who made his appearance on the soap to portray Dr. Montague. He is playing a psychiatrist role, and his character seems like an intriguing one to watch. Keep reading our page for further information.

Soon after his debut on General Hospital, Darin shared his experience on Instagram. He wrote that his character began on 14th June and that he is playing the role of a doctor. He also stated that the cast and crew of the soap had been one of the friendliest he had ever experienced. Looking at the post, fans threw compliments and wishes in the comments. One of them asked him to keep up the hustle!

General Hospital
GH/ Darin is happy about his new role

In the recent episode, Dr. Montague came face to face with Sasha. But not only he spoke to her, but he also spoke to Gladys after Sasha left. During that meeting, the doctor and, Gladys, we realize that they knew each other from poker nights at Savoy. However, being Sasha’s therapist, it is suspicious of him to meet Gladys. His involvement with both Sasha and Gladys could bring some spice to the storyline in the future. As his character has only begun, we will have to wait and see how long he will exist.


Darin Toonder has been in front of the cameras since 2006. He started his career with a TV series, Mind of Mencia, that aired from 2006-2008. From there, he acted in many series, such as Stalker Chronicles (2010), Chuck (2011), and many others. Darin was chosen to act even in a single episode of many series, such as Jane the Virgin (2015) and Richie Rich (2015). Therefore, his remarkable career ladder is making General Hospital fans curious about Dr. Montague’s storyline in the coming episodes. Now that he is here, we are nothing short of excited to see what the man really brings to the table. Stay tuned!

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