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General Hospital Gets A New Set, What’s Cooking?

When it comes to General Hospital, the surprises never end! From unexpected deaths to bringing back characters no one could have ever imagined, the ABC soap is doing it all! Moreover, going by the latest leaked BTS photo, it seems like it has no plans of slowing down anytime soon! On June 27, 2023, a picture of what looks like a brand-new set from GH’s stage went viral! While the snapshot was taken from a distance and did not reveal much, it surely opens up the window for many possibilities to flow in!

The new General Hospital set appears to be an office. The leaked BTS picture shows a desk with chairs and a computer. A bench can also be seen in the far wall of the set. The whole vibe of it points to an office at a police station! However, there is also a fair chance that it could be somebody else’s workplace. Perhaps, this is where Selena Wu operates from!

General Hospital
GH/ New Set

There is another possibility that feels more viable at this point on General Hospital. TV Season & Spoilers previously reported that All My Children alum Walt Wiley is all set to join the cast of GH this July! He will be bringing his Pine Valley character, Jackson Montgomery, to Port Charles as the latest attorney in town! Thus, it is completely plausible that this new set has been put together to serve as this Legal Eagle’s work nest!


However, we do wonder who in Port Charles will actually suddenly become in need of a brand new attorney. Although it’s true that there is no dearth of illegal activities on General Hospital, Diane and Martin have managed to handle those cases well on their own. In fact, Drew just roped Zeke into the legal arena of Port Charles. So who could really want a fourth lawyer? Could it be Sasha? She is sure to find out Gladys’ “discretion” with her funds at some point. So, it’s plausible that she might want to take some legal action!

GH/ Is Walt Wiley getting a whole new set on the soap?

But then, it might also be Dex or Michael once again trying to take a shot at Sonny! What do you think? Tell us your guesses in the comments below! Meanwhile, stay tuned to General Hospital to find out what’s really cooking on the sets of the ABC legacy soap!


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