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General Hospital: Cameron Mathison Enjoys A Fun Getaway, Away From Port Charles

Cameron Mathison is having a whale of a time! While Drew is suffering in prison, it looks like his portrayer is having fun off-screen. Cameron Mathison is now on vacation as he got a break from GH sets. The General Hospital actor said that he found a better connection somewhere. After all, the actors can go on a holiday when their role is written off temporarily or permanently. Do you think Mathison will return again? While we wait for the update, let’s read on TV Season & Spoilers and learn how the actor is enjoying his free time.

General Hospital Actor Shares Beautiful Pictures Of His Vacation

Since Drew has been sentenced to go to Pentonville on General Hospital, it seems his portrayer Cameron Mathison is taking some time off from acting. Using his time, he went to British Columbia for vacation. The actor shared beautiful carousel pictures of him spending time at Joffre Lakes Provincial Park on his Instagram. In the caption, he wrote that there is no Wi-Fi in the forest but promises we’ll find a better connection. The statement feels true after looking at those breathtaking pictures!

After Mathison shared these pictures, his co-stars and fans rushed to the comments section to admire the beauty. His General Hospital co-star Cassandra James gave a shout-out to Beautiful British Columbia, and Tanisha Harper wrote, “Wow, Stunning!” Along with his co-stars, Mathison’s wife, Vanessa Mathison, also dropped her comment that she’s happy Mathison made it up there. A few of his AMC co-stars also wrote comments amazed at the pictures.

General Hospital
GH/ Cameron’s Instagram post

Cameron Mathison got leisure only as the writers decided to send Drew to prison on General Hospital. If we look at the storyline, Drew is the one who insists on going to jail to save Carly. But the tables were turned when his six-month plea deal was extended to two years, leaving him shocked. Therefore, Drew is now in prison in Pentonville, and his portrayer took advantage of the break. While everyone was admiring the majestic place, one of his fans asked whether he would return, to which the actor clarified that he would. With that settled, we can stop biting nails over Mathison’s return. Stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers to know when the actor might return.

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