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Zoey Klein Gets Honored With Flowers For Latest Achievement

Zoey Klein Gets Honored With Flowers For Latest Achievement

The Little Couple Zoey Klein

The Little Couple starlet, Zoey Klein is 12 years old already, and the tiny tot from India turned into a self-assured young lady. A lot of that came from her parents allowing her to explore her cultural roots. Talented in the arts, she recently got a large bunch of flowers for her achievement.

The Little Couple  – Zoey Klein Took To Dancing

Many TLC fans seem shocked when they see Zoey because she’s transformed from a terror-stricken child to a confident and balanced young woman. She looks so attractive and grown-up that people can’t really believe she’s the same person. Many people miss not seeing those years when she went from being a precocious child into a charming young pre-teen.

Zoey Klein as TLC fans remember her on The Little Couple - TLC YouTube
Zoey Klein as TLC fans remember her on The Little Couple – TLC YouTube

The Little Couple was still airing for the first time when TLC fans saw Jen Arnold’s adopted daughter go to dancing class. Her focus was on Indian-style dancing. This summer, Zoey Klein went back to dance with the Bollywood class and her mom shared all about it on social media. More recently, she danced again, this time in front of a packed audience.


The Little Couple – Zoey Klein Is Honored

On the weekend, Jen Arnold took to her Instagram and shared some photos of her daughter after she did her Bollywood dancing. She looked so grown up as she looked at a bunch of flowers that she was presented with. In her caption, Jen wrote, “So proud of Zoey & getting out there last weekend… dancing her heart out #dance #happydiwali🎉 #littlecouple #zoey #bollywood.”


As TLC fans really love Zoey Klein, plenty of people showed up in the comments. Hardly anyone can get over how the two kids have grown so much. One follower said, “They both look so grown up! You are doing a great job!” Well, Zoey’s not as tall as her brother Will who towers over his mom, but she looks every inch a young princess, fans agree.

More Comments And Congratulations

Zoey Klein found many more people commenting about her. One of them said, “You have such a beautiful family Jen! Congratulations to Zoey! She is an amazing dancer! ❤️❤️ 💃.”


As is usual when Jen Arnold posts people want The Little Couple to return to TLC. One person begged, “Love your family. Please come back to TV.”

Do think it’s wonderful that Zoey Klein still celebrates her cultural roots?  Do you think that one day, she might become a professional dancer? Are you hoping that one day, TLC might bring back the show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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