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‘The Little Couple’ Bill Klein Reveals Scary Mishap In Shower

‘The Little Couple’ Bill Klein Reveals Scary Mishap In Shower

The Little Couple Bill Klein Instagram

Fans of the TLC show, The Little Couple, still follow Bill Klein and his family on social media. Actually, they love his brave sense of humor, and he revealed that again on the last day of October. Actually, he had a mix-up in the shower that left him feeling uncomfortable. What happened? Read on to find out.

The Little Couple Bill Klein Makes Light Of Bad Happenings

Bill sometimes makes light of serious situations. You might recall that in 2021, he was attacked by a swarm of wasps. They still lived in Florida at the time, and he hurt himself when running away. He said, “During an attempt to elude a small swarm of wasps, my head forgot that my legs have never ‘run’ (to or away from anything, before, ever), even when chased.” In fact, he needed surgery to repair his broken elbow.

The Little Couple star has a knack for making people laugh when he talks about serious things. Probably, that’s why he recently went to Los Angeles to learn how to be a stand-up comedian. He seems like a very sweet man and TLC fans will never forget how kind he was with the children, Will and Zoey as they grew up after their adoptions. Now he made light of something in the shower and it seemed uncomfortable.



The Little Couple Bill Klein In The Shower

This week, Jen Arnold’s husband didn’t hurt himself badly but he posted a photo on Instagram that included minty toothpaste and Hydrocortisone cream. In his caption, he said, “Okay, here’s a dad tip for you.. if you need reading glasses, [wear] them before putting the toothbrush in your mouth. On the upside, my back is minty fresh… wonder how the shower will turn out… guessing ‘refreshing’ will not be among the word choices.”

TLC's The Little Couple alum Bill Klein Reveals Scary Mishap In Shower - Instagram
TLC’s The Little Couple alum Bill Klein has a mix up In the shower – Instagram

Quite a lot of fans of The Little Couple either made similar mistakes or knew of someone who did. One follower said in the comments, “My grandfather did this! Brushed his teeth with A5-35 😂.”

Another TLC fan admitted, “You’re so right! I can’t read the shampoo vs conditioner bottles and I alternate them.”


A third follower wrote, “My husband once said to me ‘that savlon stings a bit’ after he rubbed it in his back – turns out it was menthol toothpaste!!”

Is Hydrocortisone In The Mouth Dangerous?

The Little Couple star had used the Hydrocortisone cream as toothpaste, but it probably wouldn’t have hurt him much. However, he could have ended up sitting on the toilet for a while. According to the Missouri Poison Center“If swallowed, topical steroids do not usually cause any harm. Symptoms are usually limited to mild upset stomach. Due to the creamy nature of the product, it can cause a loose stool.” 

What do you think about Bill Klein rubbing his back with minty toothpaste? Are you glad that he didn’t get sick from brushing his teeth with the Hydrocortisone cream? Do you have trouble reading labels in the shower? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for more updates about The Little Couple. 


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