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‘The Little Couple’ Alum Jen Arnold Violated

‘The Little Couple’ Alum Jen Arnold Violated

Jen Arnold- Instagram

The Little Couple alum, Jen Arnold makes a living as a well-respected doctor. Additionally, she comes with ties to prestigious Harvard University. Unfortunately, she experienced a hack and one of her social media accounts gives her a big headache. Therefore, she warned people about it. In fact, some people already noticed something wrong and they temporarily unfollowed her.

The Little Couple – Jen Arnold One Of Many People Hacked

Unfortunately, lists and lists of people ended up hacked in the past. TLC star Paul MacNeill from My 600-Lb Life was hacked in 2021. Apparently, people came across some suspicious free money scams on his profile page. Actually, anyone, high-profiler or not, gets hacked. Daily, friends and contacts send out messages about apparent hacking attempts.

The Little Couple star hopefully won’t become as infamous as social media influencer Lil Tay and her brother. Recall, that they landed up falsely declared dead in a hack. Mind you, there is some speculation that it was all just done as a hoax to get publicity. That happened on Instagram, but Jen Arnold had a hacking experience on a different platform.



The Little Couple Jen Arnold Hacked On Facebook

This week, the TLC alum took to her Instagram account and revealed a hacked account. In her caption, she said, that some people already noticed the hack on Facebook. However, she felt obliged to advise others. She told her followers that she attempts to get help with her problem. However, “it’s not easy to get a response.”

The Little Couple Alum Jen Arnold Gets Hacked - Instagram
The Little Couple – Dr. Jen Arnold hacked – Instagram

The Little Couple doctor also wrote, “I am hopeful they will be able to help and wanted to share so that you do not click on any posts on my public page. Thank you so much. @meta hope you can help me. Thanks!” Well, TLC fans don’t hold out much hope that anything will be sorted out soon. Based on the comments, it seems that a lot of people think Meta comes with an abysmal record with customer service.

TLC Fans React

The Little Couple star is just one of several high-profilers hacked in recent days, according to fans. One of them said to her that she was “the 3rd celebrity I’ve seen today posting about this.”


As for a quick resolution to the problem, Jen Arnold might have to wait a while. Disgruntled, one person wrote, “Meta doesn’t seem to care very much in these instances. I hope it gets resolved!”

Later, another follower claimed that it took “15 months” to get their account back.

Someone else claimed, “Same happened to me. Meta won’t respond. I managed to fix it myself using a simple YouTube tutorial. Good luck!”

What do you think about Dr, Jen Arnold experiencing a hack on Facebook? Did that ever happen to you? Do you agree that it seems as if support from Meta seems slow and inefficient? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your news about the cast of The Little Couple.


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