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BIG PROBLEM Little Couple’s Jen Arnold reveals she ‘caught’ son Will, 13, again after he’s punished for cursing on TikTok

DR. Jen Arnold has busted her son Will again, just weeks after the teen was caught cursing on TikTok.

Luckily for 13-year-old Will, this time, The Little Couple mom was in a more forgiving mood.

Dr. Jen Arnold caught her teenage son swearing on social media

Dr. Jen Arnold caught her teenage son swearing on social mediaCredit: Instagram/@jenarnoldmd

Will Klein showed off in some cool clothes

Will Klein showed off in some cool clothesCredit: Instagram/jenarnoldmd

Dr. Jen shared some snaps to her Instagram of her 13-year-old son looking sharp in some cool clothes.

Will had a blue, white, and orange patterned button-up shirt under a matching blue sweater vest.

He added some black jeans and black sneakers, and looked ready to take on the town.


Will smiled proudly as he stood next to his father, Bill Klein, who wrapped his arm over his son’s shoulder.

Jen teasingly captioned the collection: “I caught you all dressed up,” before tagging her show, and the word handsome.

Fans in the comments section agreed with the hashtag description.

“Will is so grown up!!” one person gushed. “Seems like just yesterday he was just a beautiful baby boy! Great Father/Son pic!!”

Another person added: “What a handsome young dude.”


While a third complimented: “He is so gorgeous. I can see such confidence in him. Great job!”


The response was much better than the fallback in September when Jen’s son came under fire for taking part in a controversial TikTok trend.

The 13-year-old has often shared videos of his magical dance moves, set to popular music.

But this time, the teen danced to the Three 6 Mafia song Half on a Sack – which turned out to be a tune celebrating cocaine, and features strong profanity and derogatory terms.

Fans flooded the comments section with their rage, and a check online reveals the post has been removed from any and all of the family’s social media accounts – including TikTok and Instagram.

“Really disappointing! He was so sweet when he was younger,” one person wrote under the original post.

“Wow, I’m shocked your parents would allow you to listen to this garbage,” a second added, while a third begged: “Don’t think mom and Dad would approve of this song! Who’s monitoring his social media?”

Another slammed: “Cool dance Will! But I’m sure your parents will be disappointed about the song choices.”

As a fifth simply noted: “Really bad song choice.”


Jen replied quickly by restricting Will’s TikTok time, and begged fans to forgive her young man.

In an Instagram reel, Jen uploaded a short video in which she explained her struggles with social media.

The TLC star said: “I had one of those difficult digital media and kid weeks.

“It’s hard for all of us parents right now. We’re in this era with social media and all the trends. It’s hard for us to keep up. It’s hard for us to guide our kids. And for our kids to navigate this world.

She continued: “I don’t know if any of you, like me, struggle with letting our kids have social media.”

Bill’s wife mentioned Will’s limitations in the caption:  “Will posted an adorable dance with an unfortunately inappropriate song in the background.

“We discussed with him, agreed to make better decisions because his social media is viewed more, and that means he has a greater responsibility if he would like to use it.”

Jen concluded: “I hope you all will give Will some grace on this as he is like so many kids out there, new to social media and still learning.”

Will was surprised by his mom

Will was surprised by his momCredit: Instagram/jenarnoldmd

Dad Bill Klein stood proudly next to his boy

Dad Bill Klein stood proudly next to his boyCredit: Instagram/jenarnoldmd

Fans were outraged after Will danced an 'inappropriate' TikTok

Fans were outraged after Will danced an ‘inappropriate’ TikTokCredit: TikTok/kingwill_tlc

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