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‘The Little Couple’ Will Klein Shares Death Of ‘My Brother’

‘The Little Couple’ Will Klein Shares Death Of ‘My Brother’

The Little Couple: Will Klein

The Little Couple cast member Will Klein recently took to social media to share a sad update, the loss of his “brother.” So, what did Jen Arnold and Bill Klein’s oldest son have to say?

The Little Couple: Will Klein Has Been Branching Out With His Own Social Media

Since The Little Couple has been off the air, interested fans have had to turn to Jen Arnold’s social media to get family updates and more. It’s not the same as the family show being on television, however, it has been a way for fans to still keep up with everything they have going on.


With Will Klein getting older, he now has his own social media, including a TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube channel. Will recently turned 14, and it looks like his parents felt he was old enough to start posting and expressing himself beyond his mom’s lens. Since he has had that green light, he has certainly taken full advantage of it.

The Little Couple: Will Klein/Instagram

TLC Celeb Shares The Death Of His ‘Brother’

Will Klein shared a short collage of pics with the family fur baby, Rocky. The Little Couple family lost their beloved family member back in 2022. Now that Will Klein has his own social media, he shared a touching tribute to Rocky, remembering all the happy years they had together.

Along with a short collage with the pics, Will Klein also included the caption: “My brother. I’m sorry you had to pass away you didn’t deserve to go. I’m sorry guys I meant to post this awhile ago.”


Rocky may have passed some time ago, but, it’s clear that Will and the rest of this The Little Couple family still mourns his loss. This was also a great way to continue to keep Rocky’s memory alive with this sweet collage from Will.

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Positive Messages Pour In From The Little Couple Fans

For some fans who have not been keeping up with regular The Little Couple updates, they may be unaware that Rocky has passed on. He served as the namesake for Bill and Jen’s pet boutique in Houston, Rocky & Maggie’s. He was a big part of their lives for many years, and he continues to live on in their happy memories.

The Little Couple Rocky Dog
Bill Klein | Instagram

Many The Little Couple fans reached out to Will Klein on his recent update, offering positive messages and condolences for this tragic loss.

  • One The Little Couple commenter wrote: “Oh no. I’m so sorry to you and your family. He had a wonderful life with you.”
  • Another sympathetic commenter said: ” I’m so sorry for your loss sending much love & prayers.”

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