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LPBW: Zach Roloff & Son Jackson Get In Full Fight Mode, Prove Themselves As Soccer Masterminds!

Imagine being the smallest person on the soccer field but also the fastest and the most skilled. Think about scoring a goal for your team while the other players wonder how you do it. Consider having a dad who is just like you, cheering you on and coaching you. This is not a fantasy but a reality for Jackson Roloff, a 5-year-old boy with dwarfism. The young LPBW celebrity and his dad, Zach Roloff, are two of the stars of Little People Big World, the reality show that follows the lives of the Roloff family and their struggles as little people. Tune in to see how the father-son duo bonded over their shared passion for sports and how they enjoyed the moments.

LPBW: Zach & Jackson Roloff Score Big At LPA Conference, Get Into Fight Mode!

The Roloff family is having a blast at the Little People of America (LPA) National Conference in Texas. Zach and his brood traveled from Washington to Texas over the weekend to join the event celebrating the diversity of little people. They are accompanied by many other little people worldwide, including other TLC stars like the 7 Little Johnstons family. The stars enjoy various activities, such as visiting the Alamo, attending workshops, and playing basketball.


Tori was also spotted dancing with her in-law Amy Roloff on the stage. But the main attraction for the stars of LPBW was playing soccer at the DAAA National Games, which is part of the LPA Conference. Zach is no stranger to soccer, as he has played and coached the sport for many years. He even competed in the first-ever Copa America World Cup for little people in Argentina. At LPA Conference 2023, the father-son duo played for the Falcons team, wearing matching jerseys with their last name. Zach and Jackson showed their skills and speed on the field, scoring goals and having fun.


Zach scored a goal in penalties while Jackson helped his team settle good records. It appears the LPBW dad still has a deep passion for the sport that he passes on to his oldest son. They had a fantastic season and won all their games. Zach proved to be an excellent coach who led his team to victory. Tori Roloff praised her husband for being the best coach ever for Jackson and his teammates. The mother thought he “balled out” and showed confidence and competitiveness. Consequently, the star stated that she loved watching the boys have fun and play well.

LPBW: Jackson Roloff Shows Off His Basketball Skills at LPA Conference

Jackson Roloff, Little People, Big World’s star kid, enjoys football and basketball. The 5-year-old son of Zach and Tori Roloff recently had the chance to play basketball at the LPA Conference in Texas. He was joined by his dad, who also played in the game, and his mom, who cheered them on from the sidelines. Tori Roloff shared some snaps of her family enjoying the basketball game on her Instagram Stories.

Jackson looked happy and confident as he dribbled and shot the ball. Jackson Roloff is a talented and competitive kid who loves playing sports with his dad. According to fans, he inspires many children due to his love for sports despite his bowed legs and worse physical condition. Stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more exciting news updates.


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