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Mateo Roloff’s Physical Appearance Shocks Fans In Rare Photo

Mateo Roloff’s physical appearance in a rare photo shared by his mother Isabel on Instagram recently resulted in shocked LPBW fans’ jaws hitting the floor. What was so shocking about this rare photo Jacob Roloff’s wife shared with Instagram? Scroll down to see the photo and read what Little People, Big World fans are saying about it.

Mateo Roloff’s Physical Appearance Shocks Fans In Rare Pic

Isabel Roloff shared a rare photo of her son Mateo from behind. His head was tilted toward the side slightly. So, fans almost got a look at that beautiful face Isabel and Jacob have been working so hard to hide.

In the photo, Mateo Roloff looked adorable while rocking a pair of denim overalls. His full head of blonde curls is what really caught fans’ eyes as he appeared to have the perfect blend of Isabel and Jacob’s hair.



LPBW fans were in agreement that when Mateo was older he would likely have his father’s curly bushy thick tresses with blonde or red hair like his mother.

In the photo, Mateo was standing on the grass and he appeared to be holding a flexible green garden hose as it hosed the dry grass with water.

Check out the shocking photo Isabel Roloff shared of her son Mateo down below:



LPBW Fans React To The Photo

Isabel Roloff has openly admitted to spending a lot of time weeding trolls and negativity off of her Instagram. On Reddit, tons of LPBW fans affirm getting blocked for leaving even the slightest negative comment. So, it wasn’t too surprising that the comments on her post were filled with nothing but positivity.


Many doted on Mateo and praised Isabel and Jacob for doing what they could to protect his privacy. Here’s some of what fans had to say in the comments:

  • “What a beautiful life you’re giving him! And I love his curls so much!”
  • “Hope your sweet boy has the best adventures with farm life. That his beautiful curls will blow freely in the wind and he makes endless childhood memories”
  • “Awe those little blonde curls are precious!!”

Do you agree with Isabel and Jacob Roloff’s decision not to show their son’s face on social media while showing nearly all of the rest of him? Do you think Isabel would show Mateo’s face on social media if Jacob wasn’t against it? Or, was it a decision they made together? Moreover, what do you think about Mateo’s wild curly blonde hair? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more TLC news.


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