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Little People, Big World: Audrey Roloff’s Homemade Ice Cream Grosses Out Fans

Audrey Roloff from Little People, Big World grosses fans out with her homemade ice cream. She uses unusual ingredients.

Little People, Big World: Audrey Roloff Follows Strict Diet

Audrey Roloff has been open about her all-natural lifestyle. She tries only to bring natural and non-toxic products into her home. She always has her children’s well-being in mind when she buys products for her home. However, a healthy lifestyle goes beyond what she brings into her home.

The Little People, Big World reality star also likes to keep active. She is a runner and has been running since she was a young kid. She was a part of track teams throughout her schooling. And has continued to run in races and participate in marathons.

Little People Big World: Audrey Roloff
Little People, Big World | Instagram

Audrey is even specific with what she eats. The TLC star tries to eat raw food when possible. She even gives her children raw milk. She and Jeremy Roloff have started their own farm. So, they have chickens and get their own eggs.

Audrey Shares Unusual Homemade Ice Cream Recipe

Audrey enjoys sharing her recipes for the food she makes. She has told fans how she makes sourdough. The TLC star has even shared how she makes her daughter Ember Roloff’s favorite breakfast food. She calls them “German cakes.”  But it was her recent receipt that caught fans’ attention.

The Little People, Big World former cast member was happy to finally get an ice cream maker. So, she can make her children homemade ice cream and put in ingredients she prefers to use.

Little People Big World: Audrey Roloff
Audrey Roloff | Instagram

Audrey revealed how she makes her homemade ice cream. She used raw milk and raw cream. However, she also put “farm eggs” into the mix. To add flavor, she put in strawberries, vanilla bean paste, and pure maple syrup.


According to the TLC celeb, homemade ice cream is “an actual superfood.” But, she said only if you use “pure ingredients” to make it.

Fans React to Little People, Big World Celeb’s Homemade Dessert

Audrey Roloff’s choice of ingredients didn’t sit well with fans. Her children may have thought the ice cream was good. Yet, fans believe otherwise. One person thinks she’s “going to poison her kids” but using raw ingredients. Another person feels that “feeding raw milk products to kids under five is potentially dangerous.” A person also thinks she is taking “unnecessary risks with her children.”

Many Little People, Big World fans don’t think homemade ice cream sounds appetizing. One person feels that it “would taste gross.” Another person believes that Audrey doesn’t even like it, even though she said she does.

Other people point out that putting eggs in ice cream sounds odd. However, some people reveal that eggs in ice cream is normal. One person explains that many ice cream recipes are “technically custard and do include eggs.” Another person shares that you’re supposed to “cook the mixture with the egg on the stove” and then add it to the ice cream machine.


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