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‘Little People Big World’ TLC Filmed Irresponsible Horrific Accident

Did TLC film an irresponsible, horrific accident for Little People Big World? Viewers are taking a walk down memory lane and recall a terrible situation that was featured in an early episode of the reality series. What happened on the Roloffs’ show that is getting so much attention now? Keep reading for all of the details and see what fans have to say too.

While there’s plenty of family drama and conflicts on this TLC series, there aren’t typically horrific accidents shown. However, it turns out that LPBW viewers have witnessed the aftermath of a terrible situation.

TLC films a horrific accident for Little People Big World. 

During Season 3 Episode 1, viewers got a look at Pumpkin Season at Roloff Farms. Unfortunately, at the annual fall festival, things went awry at one point.


At the event, attendees watched as a trebuchet was used to launch pumpkins. Unfortunately, things went poorly at one point. Jacob Roloff ended up being thrown backward as a result of a cable breaking. The young boy hit his head and was bleeding. 

Jacob wasn’t the only one who was injured. Mike D., Matt’s business partner, was stuck under the trebuchet. His head hit the concrete. Jacob ended up needing surgery due to this accident fracturing part of his skull. But fortunately, other than that, no one was harmed. Luckily, both Mike’s and Jacob’s injuries weren’t too serious and they recovered okay. 

It turns out that TLC didn’t film the whole incident for Little People Big World. They did manage to get some footage afterward, including the ambulances showing up and everyone’s injuries being checked out. 

Matt Roloff- LPBW - YouTube
Matt Roloff- LPBW – YouTube

LPBW viewers revisit this incident & share their thoughts.

On Reddit, LPBW fans are looking back on this accident, though it was featured on the show years ago. The fan who first started this conversation couldn’t remember all of the details, so note that not all of the information in the thread is correct.


One fan said the situation left them “horrified.” Another said, “It was awful.”

Someone explained, “It was an accident but I think they should not have allowed any children near the catapult. It wasn’t built by a professional and did not undergo any type of real regulation.”

They added, “It was a good idea with horrible oversight by Matt.”

Another Reddit user recalled Amy Roloff expressing concerns about the catapult prior to this incident too.

It sounds like many viewers are still upset over this horrific accident. Hopefully, there were no more major, undocumented injuries at Roloff Farms over the years.


So, did you know about this horrific accident that TLC filmed for Little People Big World? What do you think the network should have done about it? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Roloff family. Below, you can check out a YouTube video about this accident.

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