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LPBW: Insider CONFIRMS That Zach & Tori Have Quit The Show!

Tori and Zach received immense love from the fans for their storyline on LPBW. They have become more popular than the other stars of the show for their sweet and simple lifestyle. Fans love to watch the couple and their kids on the screens. However, it’s been a long time since Little People Big World aired on TV. Zach and Tori has been stirring rumors about their exit from the show for a long time. They have had a rough patch with dad Matt Roloff ever since the farm’s property feud. Now, it appears that Caryn’s son Connor has confirmed the news of their exit from the show. Is that true?

LPBW: Connor Chandler Shares Details Of Zach & Tori’s Future On The Show!

Zach and Tori slowly became the heart of the show with their incredible storyline. Zach moved out from Oregon with his family after Matt denied selling a portion of the farmland to him. Ever since then, the father-son duo have been on a rough patch. Previously, Matt confirmed his plans for the return of the show on social media many times. He stated that his time is coming to a close soon on the show.

Recently, LPBW star Caryn’s son Connor decided to shed some light on Tori and Zach’s future on the show. According to TheSun, Connor revealed that his future stepdad has a rocky relationship with his son and daughter-in-law. Also, he claimed that the Little People Big World couple rarely visited that 106-acre property ever since the family feud.

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Moreover, Chandler pointed out that Zach and his wife rarely visit twice a year when asked how many times they visit. He added they moved, and they moved away, and just with all the indifferences, they’re kind of doing their own thing. Connor heard from a grapevine that the LPBW couple does not want to be on another season. If the show were to continue, Tori and Zach want to do their own thing. Moreover, he confirmed that they will not be seen in the upcoming season, whether there will be a sequel or not.

LPBW: Connor Supports Mama Caryn After Being Tagged As A Gold Digger!

Connor Chandler has a very controversial history. Caryn Chandler’s son was a drug addict and served a prison sentence as well. Recently, he came into the limelight to support his mom from LPBW, Caryn Chandler. The latter received a lot of hate from fans for dating Matt. She has worked as a manager on the farms for a while. Later, Amy claimed that she caught her husband cheating on her with the manager. Fans have been calling out Caryn for being a gold digger

. Finally, Connor stood up for his mom and came to her rescue. 

Little People Big World LPBw

It turns out Connor believes that his mom is very happy and heartwarming. Further, she never projects hate onto people. Hence, the mom-son duo doesn’t understand why people hate her so much. Also, Connor and his sister Brittany have made it clear that his mom has been a hard worker, and she has had more than enough already before she started a relationship with Matt. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers to know if Tori and Zach will return on LPBW.


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