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LPBW: Amy Roloff’s Support For Pumpkin Season Confuses Fans!

Little People Big World fans are well aware of the pumpkin festival that takes place at the Roloff Farms every year. Finally, the big event has kicked off this year after several month’s wait. LPBW stars Amy and Matt parted ways a long time ago.

She married her new boyfriend, Chris Marek, after calling it quits with the patriarch. Now, Amy is exploring a completely new side of herself after marrying the love of her life. However, the star has not yet broken all ties with her ex-husband.

Roloff still participates in the Pumpkin Season every October along with her new husband. Finally, the grand event has started, and fans have several questions in mind. But Amy’s involvement on the farm left fans confused after everything Matt has done to her. They have been asking about the reason she has not broken ties with the patriarch.


LPBW: Fans Question Why Amy Roloff Still Spends Time On The Roloff Farms!

Amy Roloff received immense love and attention from LPBW fans. She started her journey with the Little People Big World franchise and became very popular. She allegedly parted ways with Matt Roloff after he cheated on her.

The reality TV star, Amy, had a heated argument with her ex-husband last year when he didn’t sell the property to Zach Roloff. Still, Amy visits Roloff farms, and they work together on numerous projects. Recently, she was back on the farm again with her husband, Chris Marek, for Pumpkin Season.

However, LPBW fans are confused as to why she was still having any kind of relationship with her ex-husband. Amy shared a picture with her husband, Chris Marek, on Instagram. They posed together to celebrate the beginning of the Pumpkin Season.

Amy sported a light blue check shirt over a white tank top and blue jeans. Meanwhile, Chris Marek donned an olive-colored t-shirt, blue jeans, and a polo cap. However, fans couldn’t understand her involvement in the pumpkin season after the farm feud.


One fan asked, “Why are you so involved with this? He cheated on you, he ruined your family, he ripped off your kids.” Another follower questioned, “Amy, I adore you, but it’s a shame to see you still on the farm. Further, the fan added, “Matt treated you badly and cheated on you with his assistant,

LPBW: Amy Roloff Shows Off Her Wild Costume On The Opening Day!

Amy and Matt have not been together for a while. They found their new partners and are busy in their own lives. However, Amy still makes an appearance at the various events at the Roloff Farms. Every year, fans wait for the LPBW star to bring something exciting to the Pumpkin Season.

Recently, Matt Roloff shared a glimpse of the opening day of the Pumpkin Festival. Amy is showing off her fun appearances at the event. She took to Instagram to share her new costume for the opening day. Amy turned into a cheerleader for the big day.

Amy posed in a black, white, and red costume in front of a bench surrounded by pumpkins. She informed her fans that she spent her time cheering everyone on the first day. Further, the reality TV celeb revealed that she will be there the entire weekend with Chris.

Also, the matriarch teased fans about her new costumes for the upcoming days and invited fans for a fun-filled journey. Stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers to know how Amy spent this year’s pumpkin season.


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