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‘Little People, Big World’: Are Audrey & Jeremy Roloff Going Broke?

‘Little People, Big World’: Are Audrey & Jeremy Roloff Going Broke?

Are Little People, Big World spouses Audrey Roloff and her husband Jeremy Roloff going broke? She says she is tired of all the home repairs and renovations their farmhouse needs. She says it is costing them a fortune, and they are having difficulty coming up with all the funds needed to whip their home into shape.

Little People, Big World: Audrey Roloff & Jeremy Roloff Broke?

Followers of LPBW couple Jeremy and Audrey Roloff say they have trouble understanding the pair. One minute she “complains about everything that needs to be replaced, or restored at their home”. The next he plans another vacation. Fans say it doesn’t make sense at all, and they are calling them out.

Little People, Big World: Audrey Roloff

They knew when they bought their farmhouse that it needed a lot of work. At first, they were excited and made big plans for everything they wanted to do.


Then it seems like reality set in. They soon learned that in today’s economy, it was not a cheap renovation. They also discovered they may have bitten off more than they could chew.

After the former Little People, Big World stars moved in they began to see just how much work was needed. They discovered many things they overlooked. She says every appliance in the kitchen doesn’t work or is on its last leg.

Not to mention the furnace issues they have been dealing with all winter. She says it is very frustrating and costs them dearly to make the necessary repairs.

LPBW: TLC Fans Blast Audrey Over Extravagant Lifestyle

Jeremy and Audrey’s followers find their spending habits to be over the top. This year alone the family has been on at least two expensive trips. One is a Disney vacation, the other a ski trip, both costing thousands of dollars each. This does not include weekly date nights or overnight trips.

LPBW | Instagram

Besides the fancy vacations, earlier this year the Little People, Big World wife also purchased a very expensive gift for her spouse. In November they shared a video of him enjoying his new toy which was a Kabota L6060 tractor. The price of the machine starts at $50K and runs upward depending on the add-ons.

One fan said after a quick guess of the family’s spending during the past six months, based on the low end it comes to around $65K. This is more than many people earn a year. That being said, they cannot sympathize with their alleged financial issues.

Little People, Big World: Is Too Much Pressure Getting Jeremy Down?

The LPBW star’s fans have also recently pointed out they think that Jeremy Roloff often appears unhappy in his wife’s videos and photos.

There have been new rumors circulating that the pair may be suffering from marital problems. Some feel that Audrey Roloff’s extravagant spending and love of expensive trips affect him.

Little People, Big World: Audrey Roloff - Jeremy Roloff
LPBW | Instagram

One person commented, “These people live in a world that the average person does not. They do not work, they have no responsibilities.”


Another adds, “They are ridiculously out of touch with how a typical couple, with kids, on a budget behaves. Their idea of being relatable is always some sort of YA version of a romantic gesture.”

They feel she may put too much pressure on her husband. TLC supporters feel that Audrey Roloff is trying too hard to sell her perfect life to their Little People, Big World followers. If she keeps up with this pace, it may soon blow up in her face.

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