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LPBW: Amy Roloff Flaunts Date Night With Chris While Ex Matt Is In The Hospital!

Little People Big World documented the downfall of Amy and Matt’s marriage. They intially had a great bond which soon deteriorated to the extent that they got a divorce. As per the current scenario, the former is living in her happily-ever-after phase with Chris Marek, while the latter is on the verge of walking down the aisle. Though it is evident that the LPBW stars have moved on in their lives, it seems they still have some grudges. Recently, Amy enjoyed a date night with her husband while her ex was hospitalized and was struggling with health issues!

LPBW: Did Amy Roloff Shade Her Ex Husband By Going On A Date With Chris?

Amy Roloff fell in love with Chris and ended up becoming the newest couple on the show Little People Big World. LPBW fans tell them they looked cute together and can’t stop gushing over them. However, several eagle-eyed users noticed that there might be some trouble in paradise lately. There have been many instances when Amy and Chris’s marital issues were evident from their social media activities. But now it seems they are working on knowing each other better and resolving their problems. Recently, Amy took to Instagram and shared glimpses from her latest date night.


Amy shared a carousel of snaps and revealed that she went with Chris to watch Macey Gard Band playing live. She added that they were listening to their “favorite band,” and she loved “date nights” with her husband, Chris Marek. The LPBW star also posted a cute selfie of the couple as they grinned at the camera. Amy captioned it, “date night over the weekend,” as they enjoyed their evening at Pizzario in Hillsboro, Oregon. Fans took to a sigh of relief as they were working on their relationship. But several eagle-eyed users noted that Amy’s date night pictures came just after the news of Matt’s hospitalization!


LPBW: Matt Roloff Struggles With Health Issues While Amy Goes On A Date With Chris

LPBW star Matt Roloff recently made it to the headlines because of his deteriorating health issue. It is a known fact that he has “degenerative dysplasia,” a kind of dwarfism that leads to short limbs and orthopedic problems. Hence, the patriarch has always dealt with something or the other when it comes to his health. Recently, Matt took to Instagram and revealed that he went for an “upper endoscopy” for his “esophagus” and discovered that he had some “complications.”

As per Matt, there were some “unexpected” twists and turns which were directly leading down to his stomach. Hence, he had to undergo some procedures because of the same. Amid all this, Caryn was with him and was “scared” after discovering his fiance’s medical issue. Fans were quick to notice that while almost the entire fan base of LPBW was commenting on Matt’s health update post, none of the Roloff kids or Amy did the same. They neither acknowledged the patriarch’s health on their social media handles nor commented on Matt’s post! Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest LPBW tea.


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