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Little People, Big World: Amy Deflects Dangerous Behavior?

Little People, Big World star, Amy Roloff does something that puts her husband in an uncomfortable situation on the next episode of this TLC series. While fans debate the problem, it seems the real issue takes a back seat.

Little People, Big World: Amy Roloff’s Ears Ring

In the upcoming episode, Amy Roloff learns that her husband Chris Marek did something most wives would not like. He discussed one of her shortcomings with her ex-husband, Matt Roloff.

Chris and Matt have become friends, which Amy referred to in this Little People, Big World preview clip as their “bromance”. But Chris was caught in what some might say is something unethical when you are married. He discussed something that irritated him about Amy with her ex.

Little People, Big World: Amy Roloff - Chris Marek

Then he doubled this not-so-stellar deed by saying he never discussed Amy Roloff with Matt Roloff. But, the producer called him out on this.

And the previews suggest that he’s uncomfortable as Amy sits there with him during the next Little People, Big World, episode. So, he comes clean with the truth.

LPBW: Amy Perturbed

Amy Roloff becomes perturbed at her Little People, Big World husband, Chris Marek. He tells her that he and Matt discussed something that Amy does, which they both find irritating. But, she’s not annoyed that they had this discussion. Instead, in the next Little People, Big World episode, she lets her gripe be known.

No, Amy seems more annoyed that what she did would be something that bothered anyone.  Matt and Chris agree that Amy Roloff taking something out of a drawer or cabinet and then leaving the door or drawer open bothered both of them. It sounds like it becomes a hazard zone for bumping into things.

Little People, Big World: Amy Roloff

But, Amy Roloff didn’t seem to care that they discussed this, which surprised Little People, Big World fans. Instead, she seemed to care that this became an issue, saying they blew it out of proportion.

The LPBW matriarch said that she might leave a door or a drawer open after getting an item. But she closes it as soon as she puts it back.

That’s when her husband said that it could be weeks before she puts it back. Then, in the meantime, he’s tripping over the open cabinet doors. This turned into a lighthearted conversation between the two.

Little People, Big World: Missing the Boat

While some fans slammed Chris for discussing this with Matt, others thought that Amy does have an issue that needs addressing. But not in a public venue, like the Little People, Big World show.

It’s not a very interesting topic. But if these two men comparing their experiences with Amy got her angry, then that would make for some explosive headlines. But it fell short of that.


Leaving drawers and cabinet doors open could be dangerous, as a few LPBW fans pointed out. Anyone who jabbed themselves on a corner of a drawer or bumped their head on an open cabinet door can attest to that.


Amy Roloff didn’t seem to care that her old and her new husband chatted about her. Her biggest gripe was that leaving doors and drawers open became an issue at all. So for Amy, the fact that her husband said he bangs into these open doors didn’t seem to change her mind.

It sounded as if she thought her part in this was normal behavior. So, some Little People, Big World fans slammed Chris for having the gall to discuss his wife with her ex. But Amy Roloff’s take on this is that she doesn’t see leaving things open as even an issue in the first place, which you will see when the next episode of this TLC series airs.


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