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Little People, Big World: Signs Zach & Tori Roloff Would Leave The Show (Why You Should Have Seen It Coming)

Little People, Big World: Signs Zach & Tori Roloff Would Leave The Show (Why You Should Have Seen It Coming)

Zach and Tori Roloff have announced that they’ll be leaving Little People, Big World after season 25. There were signs long before they announced it.

After almost two decades, Little People, Big World stars Zach Roloff and his wife, Tori Roloff, are leaving the long-running series at the end of its twenty-fifth season. The series initially focused on the marriage of Amy Roloff and her ex-husband, Matt Roloff. However, as time went on, the couple divorced and embarked on new relationships. While the Roloff children, Zach, Jeremy Roloff, Jacob Roloff, and Molly Roloff, have all made appearances on the show, the current storyline primarily centers around Zach, Tori, and their three children.


Little People, Big World has chronicled the Roloff family’s journey through substantial transformations over the years, including Amy and Matt’s divorce, which was tough on their four children. As Little People, Big World season 25 begins, Zach and Tori grapple with significant family issues and confront a moment of crisis related to Zach’s health just as they plan to exit the show. In retrospect, their departure from the show shouldn’t be a surprise, as there were many signs Zach and Tori weren’t going to continue to participate in the series.

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Zach Had Several Health Issues

He Has To Put His Health First

Little People, Big World star Zach recently underwent urgent surgeryto address a persistent health issue related to his dwarfism. A fixture on the show since its debut in 2006 as one of Matt and Amy’s children, the series has chronicled Zach’s journey into family life, including his marriage to Tori and the birth of their three children: five-year-old Jackson, three-year-old Lilah, and 10-month-old Josiah.

Unfortunately, just days before the premiere of Little People, Big World season 25, Zach found himself hospitalized following emergency surgery. It was especially touching when little Jackson tried to help nurse his dad back to health. It was obvious Zach and his family would rather focus on his health and away from the camera.

” Being on television is what I know , and all the experiences that come with that .”

Zach Was Feuding With His Dad

A House Divided

Matt Roloff and Zach Roloff from Little People, Big World talking in confessional

Of Amy and Matt’s four kids, Zach was the only one who continued to appear on Little People, Big World and had a good relationship with his parents. It all blew up when Zach offered to buy the family farm when Matt suddenly pulled it off the market. The father and son haven’t talked much since then, and Zach has admitted their relationship has been severely strained. Their issues worsened when Matt started a relationship with Caryn Chandler, a long-time family employee. Things got so bad that Zach and Tori wouldn’t let Matt babysit their children.

They Wanted To Focus On Their Family

Family First

Little People, Big World Season 25 promo

Zach, 33, made his reality TV debut as a teenager back in 2006. Little People, Big World chronicles Amy, Matt, and Zach’s experiences living with dwarfism. “Being on television is what I know,” Zach said, “and all the experiences that come with that.” Tori met and married Zach while he was filming Little People, Big World, and their journey expanded to include the arrival of their three children. Filming with children is difficult, and it was only a matter of time before Zach and Tori decided it was too much.

” We are done. That part of our lives, that chapter has closed .”

During a recent episode of Zach and Tori’s podcast, Raising Heights, Tori proclaimed, “We are done. That part of our lives, that chapter has closed.” During the same episode, Tori also referenced recent family conflict, saying, “I do feel like it was also time for us to move on because I didn’t want, personally, to hate your family.” The only surprise is that it took so long for all the family drama to drive Zach and Tori off the show.

Zach Didn’t Want To Force Their Kids To Film

But They Don’t Blame Them

Montage of Little People, Big World’s Tori and Zach Roloff montage
Custom image by César García

During the same podcast episode, Zach and Tori discussed not wanting to put pressure on their children to appear on the show, which would complicate filming. The Little People, Big World couple talked about how difficult it is to film with children, and Tori noted that Jackson, their firstborn son, had already started expressing not wanting to be involved with filming.

Despite a recent episode of Little People, Big World season 25 that showed Zach and the kids having fun on scooters in the house, it’s not always fun and games when filming with children. As their kids got older, it should have been obvious that the family couldn’t keep appearing on the show for very long. That being said, Zach and Tori made it clear that they do not blame their kids for their decision not to continue with the show.

Could Zach & Tori Return To Little People, Big World One Day?

Will They Be Back?

Montage of Little People, Big World’s Tori and Zach Roloff montage
Custom Image by César García

Despite Zach and Tori’s various issues with filming the show, including Zach’s feud with his father, Matt, the couple also acknowledged what they liked about filming the show, including the fun experiences they’ve had, the people they met along the way, and the privileges they’ve received as a result of being reality TV stars. Since they have positive feelings about working on the show, the couple could return to Little People, Big World at some point in the future. However, it won’t happen until Zach and Matt work through their feud.

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